Celebrating Summer!

First of all, remember my post last month about my new-found desire to become a crafty woman? Well I've taken the first step and made the cute framed flowers I posted pictures of. My two favorite used-to-be roomates and I all got together, picked out fabric, and spent the afternoon cutting, glueing and chatting. It was fabulous!

I found old wood frames we had in a box and spray painted them. My only regret is that I didn't go buy some 8x10 frames. I feel like the ones I used are a bit too small. But for my first project, I am happy with the results and excited to try more fun things ASAP! Look at me, I'm turning into a thrifty, crafty woman! Who would have thought??!

On another note, life is splendid! The past two weeks have been the epitemy of summer. *Some* things we've done in the past two weeks:

♥ I got up on a wakeboard! Second day trying, I thought I would never get up! So fun.

♥ We have been to about FIVE different BBQ's

♥ Went to see Inception, and LOVED it! Very "trippy", but a great suspenesful movie!

♥ Made a big breakfast and had everyone over on a Saturday morning, followed by a fun day at the pool.

♥ Many nights of sitting oustide playing card games on these fantastic warm summer nights.

♥ TWO dinner nights at Texas Roadhouse, our fav place to eat. YUM!

♥ We got to play with our cute little nephew and neice in town from Provo.

♥ Floating the flume

♥ A few rounds of Frisbee Golf.

♥ Nightly walks with Rockie

♥ 10 million mosquito bites on my legs (it seems like an exageration, but it's true)

And we're still going strong! This weekend we will be camping and river rafting with my family in Wyoming. I'm stoked!! {Who even says that word anymore?! I do. Welcome back to the 90's.}

PS- I'm still waiting for wedding pictures. Our original "7 - 8 weeks out" has turned into 3 months. Yeah, not so happy about that...we're hoping for next week! {Whoa can you believe we've been married for almost 3 months?! Time flies!!!}

I love summer. I love life. That is all for now!

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