Almost halfway!

I will be 17 weeks on Sunday. So far...

I have gained 7 pounds since my first doctors appointment with the baby.

I cry a lot...almost anything has the potential to trigger an emotional outpour of tears! (That's an obnoxious one.)

Energy is still picking up little by little, but I'm not quite mysef yet. I sleep a lot less then I did at the beginning of the pregnancy, but I still sleep a lot! I find myself in bed until at least 10:00 on the weekends.

I can't eat much in one sitting, but I eat small amounts every half hour in order to keep myself from getting too nauseous. I hate all the meats I used to love and I like (for the most part) the meats I used to hate, although meat in general is just real iffy lately...

I'm still getting motivation back. I've been able to work out a lot more, which has been fantastic!

I'm not nearly as sick and nauseous as I was at the beginning, but it comes back every once in a while. Somedays are better then others, but I have more good days then bad lately!

This just in-I felt baby kick! FINALLY! I say finally because I have been so anxious to feel baby for the past month. I've had moments of "Was that baby moving, or did my stomach just growl?" I haven't counted anything because I wanted to feel baby and know that's what I was feeling. So last night we were driving through Sardine Canyon when I felt a little tap right where baby is currently sitting. And sure enough, two more taps within a minute! It was just the coolest feeling, I was SO excited!!!

I'm sure this all sounds pretty typical, but it's all very new for me! What an adjustment so far! And now I'm down with a sore throat and cough/head cold, which hasn't been too fun since I can't take good ol' nyquil to help me get any sleep. I never knew how miserable it was to be sick without taking any medications! OH well, whatdoyado?! Went to another doctors appointment Monday but Dr. McCullough was delivering so I just saw the Nurse Practioner. She was very nice but had a very thick accent and I couldn't understand most of what she said! And then it took her quite a while to find the hearbeat, which scared me to death! But don't you worry, she found our little one sitting much lower then expected-and all is healthy and well! Pheww.

Less than THREE weeks until we found out if baby is a boy or girl! We're psyched. I have no idea if it's motherly instincts or not, but lately I'm thinking I have a little girl inside of me. But who knows, I just wouldn't be surprised either way!

I was hoping to attatch my 16 week picture with this post, but I've been sick all week and in no mood to have a picture taken of me! So I will post my 17 week picture next week, I promise! My baby bump is sticking out more and more, but I'm still in the stage where it looks like some fat rolls. I can't wait until it pops out so you can tell it's because I'm pregnant!

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  1. I loved reading this post. Feeling the baby kick for the first time is amazing! I am so excited for you.