{from the life of a new mama}


Jace is 2 weeks old today. I can't believe it's already been 2 weeks, and at the same time I can't believe it's only been 2 weeks! As I'm sitting here updating my blog Jace is laying on his boppy next to me, wide eyed and cooing.

Being a mom has been so many things. It's been awesome and fun, exhausting and tiring, scary and worrisome... I find so far that being a mom has come pretty naturally for me. It comes pretty easily. But still, I'm a little sleep deprived and I've had my moments of frustration! This past few days has been especially frustrating, as Jace has been a little fussy, gassy and constipated. Yesterday we bought some soy formula and he seems to be doing much better today! I hope this solves the problem!

Dan would be so embarrassed if he knew I was singling him out, but he never reads this blog so I'm going to do it anyway. One thing I've always loved about our relationship is that we are total equals. There are a lot of couples I see who are very "the men do this, the women do this", and maybe that works for some people. But for us, we both do everything and I feel like that's the way it should be! For example: Cooking, cleaning, laundry, these are not my chores. These are ours.

Well through this whole ordeal I have found myself almost jealous of Dan. As I got fat through 9 months of pregnancy, as I went through 30 hours of labor, as I spent two days in the hospital with a catheter and not being able to walk, even sometimes as I'm home all day long taking care of Jace and he gets to go to work and get out of the house for a while. Well this past couple weeks I have realized how good I really do have it. Dan has been amazing! He offers to stay up late with Jace so I can get some sleep, he offers to change diapers, he cleans the house and does the dishes, he plays with Jace and cuddles him and loves him...we're so lucky!!! And he still makes time to tell me I'm beautiful and make me feel loved everyday. I love Dan like crazy! He's so perfect for me. Going through something like this and becoming parents has just made me fall more in love with him.

Okay there, that's my cheesy rant for the day. I just had to get it out! I just love both of my boys.

Friday night Dan and I had a date night. My mom watched Jace while we enjoyed a night out on the town. It was so nice to get out of the house, and Jace had fun with grandma. Dan and I are both such social people that sitting at home for the first week all day and night was hard! We pretty much watched every movie in the 7-11 redbox. The weather has been so iffy lately (which really ticks me off, by the by) but yesterday we were able to take Jace and Rockie on a walk, which made me really excited for warmer weather to come and stay! We're going to have such a fun summer with our little man. I can't wait for swimming, rock climbing, hiking, camping, frisbee golf...and this year we have Jace to tag along. It will be great!

So I'm not trying to make this a "my life is better then yours" blog post, but I just have to say...life is pretty darn good. Although I admit that at times I find myself reminiscing about the days of less responsibility, I love being a mom. This little guy is just about the cutest thing in the world!

On another note, if Spring doesn't come soon I'm going to move. Seriously, I can't handle any more snow storms!!!!


  1. It is crazy all the emotions that come out when being a mom. He is ADORABLE! Hope the soy formula continues to help. Sometimes you can put a warm pack in between a blanket and hold it on their tummy and that helps to calm them down. Good luck!

  2. I'm so glad that you have such a wonderful husband. You deserve it! Your little boy is adorable. It makes me want to have another kid. I know... my baby is only 9 months old and he is a doll, but newborns are so very sweet.