At my house, we LOVE Birthdays!

Birthday week is officially over.

It was fabulous! Would you like a play by play?

I took Friday off work and Jace and I spent the day shopping for daddy. I bought him an outfit and wrapped each part of the outfit seperatley, so he could open one bit at a time. New jeans, new shoes, a new shirt, a new jacket. I also gave him some rock haus passes and season tickets to the USU basketball games. I got all his presents wrapped and ready to go, then hid them in the guest bedroom.

Friday evening we left for Bear Lake, where we met up with mi familia. We stayed in the condos Friday night and spent Saturday boating. Yes, it was freezing. But we braved the cold and got our trash kicked on the tube! A little painful, a little cold, a lot fun.

Then we came home Saturday and had a bbq/birthday party with friends. Due to a propane incident and a misunderstanding on the time, we didn't get to eat until 8:30. Good thing Marisa brought the most delicious peanut butter ball treat for everyone to get stuffed on while we waited for dinner. {I'm not kidding. This thing was a-maz-ing!} The cheeseburgers were delicious, and then we washed them down with some german chocolate cake. Dan might not have been able to blow out all the candles, but he still got his wish. It was a good time!

Sunday, Dan's birthday, I got up at 6:30 in the morning to decorate the house with balloons and streamers. Went back to bed, stayed in bed until 8:30, then finally decided to get up and head out to the VI for some birthday breakfast. Dan didn't even notice the decorations and presents until we were about out the door.

I started out letting him open a present every hour, but got too excited and by 1:30 that afternoon I let him open the rest of his presents.

We spent the afternoon playing disc golf in Brigham City, then headed out to dinner at good ol' Texas Roadhouse, where the waitress announced to everyone that Dan was turning 37. She announced this because Dan told her he was turning 37. Which is funny, because he was only turning 36. And can I just say, I love that Dan is older then me...I feel young every year! hee hee.

The night ended perfectly after dinner when we watched some football and played games at a friends house. I might have let Dan win because it was his birthday.

It was a fun weekend.

Let's sum it up: shopping, cake, boating, burgers, steak, presents, good friends, family time, no work, balloons, lots of laughing, extra love.

Do you see why I love Birthday week?

It makes getting older so much easier!


  1. I let Dan win too cause it was his birthday.

  2. What a fun wife you are! I would have never guessed your husband was 36 :)