My FASHION soap box


Yes, I joined the crowd and got some feather hair extensions. I know this trend will fade soon, so I had to hurry and jump on the bandwagon. I love them.

Speaking of new trends, I've now joined polyvore. I have been obsessed with it!

This is embarassing to admit, but what are blogs for? To write whatever you want and not care! So, just before I discovered Polyvore I came up with a goal: Everytime I buy an outfit I'm going to ask myself, would Jennifer Aniston wear this? She is just so classy and I want to be classy too! I told Dan my goal, and he loves it. (He is not a fan of The Buckle and their over-priced clothing.) So my wardrobe is slowly taking a turn for the better, as slow as my wallet is allowing it to...this will take a while. Right now my new favorite place to shop here in town is TJ Maxx. I have found some cute designer clothes there, and I don't turn the corner to find every other girl in town wearing the same thing.

ANYWAY, the point is, I love Polyvore.

American Eagle top: $30
Abercrombie boot cut jeans: $55
Zara high heels: $50
Becksondergaard organic cottons scarf: $34

I tell ya what, I'm so glad it's my birthday soon! And not because I'm getting older, but because I'm dying to do some birthday shopping!

If anyone asks, I'm turning 21.


  1. This post is why I LOVE YOUR BLOG and also why I LOVE YOU!

    You are gonna love being 21, such a good year! haha!

  2. Great birthday shopping. I love your selected dress and shoes. The tops and jeans are looking awesome. I think it will be very interesting day for you, Happy birthday. and thank you for sharing such valuable outfits.