This morning


I love mornings with Jace around.

Daddy and mommy take turns getting Jace out of bed in the mornings. If mom is at the gym, dad gets him up. Or if mom is tired and wants to sleep longer, dad gets him up then too.

Our morning routine usually starts right around 7:00 when we get him out of his crib. First we take him to the window, where we watch the sunset and point out the mountains, the trees, the houses. He smiles and points and whispers with us. Then we bring him into our bed where he lays in between mom and dad and drinks {more like gulps} his bottle. When he's done with his bottle we usually read to him. Jace seriously loves reading books with us! Sometimes he points and whispers with us while we read. And sometimes he just lays there and watches us read to him, mesmorized at the pictures.

He is so happy in the mornings, bubbly and smiling and laughing.

Yep, everything is better with our little guy around!

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