Starting over!

Welcome friends! So you got the invite to my blog did ya?! The decision to turn my blog private came a few nights ago when Dan googled my name. The very first link that came up was my blog, along with previews of pictures of us. It really freaked me out! So I decided it was time to make it a little less easy for Creepy McCreeper to stalk my life.

And you might have noticed that I am no longer on facebook. I know, I never thought you'd see the day! Well, neither did I my friends. Neither did I... So to answer the big question of the day: why did I delete my facebook account?

A few reasons include the privacy issues I found out recently. They say it's private, but is it? I tried getting on to access information from people that I wasn't friends with, just to test the theory. And sure enough, I almost always could find ways around it. I could figure out who they were dating, I could find pictures of them, and I could link them to their friends and read what they write on anyone else's walls. And I'm an amature, imagine what REAL hackers who want to steal identities and stalk little children can do! Creeps me out. Private? Not so much.

But to tell you the truth, the biggest reason in my deleting my account was because of this: life is short. I waste wayyy too much time on facebook. This is time that could be spent being productive and getting more done in my life. Time I could spend with my boys, having fun with my family. I needed to get rid of the option of facebook, because otherwise I can't stay away from it and it takes up way too much time in my life!

I might have withdrawls later on, but I think I'll make it through. Right now I feel fabulous! It feels so good to get rid of something so addicting and time consuming and to start fresh. It's like a new start in life! I get a high from making goals and feeling accomplished, and deleting my facebook has been a great high for me. I feel so accomplished already!

So anyway, you lucky readers that got invited to my blog-you can keep up with me and my cute little family here! And if you have a blog that I could stalk, feel free to send me an invite too. :)

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