Charlie Brown

It's no secret that Jace has a huge head. Since he was born his head size has been off the charts. So when we found this shirt on a clearance rack while shopping in Layton, we just had to get it!

Isn't he the perfect little Charlie Brown?? I even slicked his hair down just to complete the Charlie Brown look.

Right now Jace's favorite new thing is to stick out his tongue. The other day he stuck his tongue out at his doctor, and if I didn't know better I would have sworn he did it on purpose!

He is happiest when we let him stand up on his own. He's taken a few tumbles doing this, but he still demands that we let him do it! When daddy is working on the computer in the kitchen Jace will stand on the couch and watch him, talking and giggling.

What a cute little stinker.

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