Dear Jace,

I can't believe you are 8 months old!

You are an amazingly great sleeper. Just like your mama! You go to bed at 7:30 every night and wake up between 7 and 8 each morning. This morning you slept in until 10:00, which means mom and dad slept in too. This was the first time I've slept in that late since...well, a long time! So thank you for that.

You are the sweetest little boy. You are always smiling and laughing. If someone in the room starts laughing, you always join in. I love how you think everything I do is funny. That won't last too long, so I'm soaking it up while I can!

You love to eat. You will eat almost anything now, including soy sauce and salsa. That's thanks to daddy, of course. You love fruit the best.

You are such a daddy's boy. You light up when dad walks in the room, and if he is busy and doesn't pay enough attention to you then you make sure he hears about it!

You just started saying words. Your first word was "mama". That made me very happy! Most of the time you say it when you're frustrated and you want something. Your second word was "hi" while you wave your hand at us. You talk all the time, but it's now just starting to come together into some words!

You love giving high fives.

You love Rockie, she's your bud. You always laugh at her and play with her collar. She handles it really well, probably because you reward her with the cheerios you drop from your high chair.

You don't crawl yet, but you roll around all over the place. You're starting to head for all the cords and plugs, which is getting fun for mama! You love to stand up against things and hit them as hard as you can.

You clap your hands when you're really excited.

You just started doing a new excited, fake laugh. You pretty much do it all day long!

You are a big football player! Chunky and super tall. And your chubby cheeks...oh those cute chubby cheeks! People stop us in the store all the time to comment on those adorable chubby cheeks. We often hear that you are the ideal Gerber baby. Cutest baby award goes to you!

We love you more than you will evvveeerrr know. I thought life was just fabulous until you came along, and then I realized that life was nothing without you in it. You complete us! You make everything better. The past 8 months with you have been the best!

I love you like crazy my little dude.



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