Back to winter!

Although Christmas was fabulous, like always...I have to admit that I'm kind of glad it's over. The stress of driving through town and pushing through crowds at the store just to buy a gallon of milk, the money that disapears faster then you can blink, the hours of wrapping presents and cooking and preparing...pheww, I'm exhausted! (Okay, cooking? That was a lie. Although I did bake some cake batter cookies that turned out pretty disgusting.)

Little Jace man is loaded now. Our upstairs had turned into the playroom, which is fantastic because I never have to clean up the toys! He got spoiled, that's for sure.

Dan got a brand new iphone. Yeah, I'm pretty jealous too.

I got a beautiful new office desk, new jeans, a couple pairs of boots, and a big ol' gold watch (bling, bling baby!).

Santa spoiled us all this year! But now, back to reality. After New Years, of course. Vacation is so nice, really, but I'm anxious to take down my Christmas decorations and get back to my regular routine!

Here are some Christmas highlights for your viewing pleasure. And now that we have a fancy iphone, I will be posting much better-quality pictures in the near future.

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