Decorating on a budget

Let's just say this has not always been my expertise. In fact, only recently have I realized the awesome-ness (yes, that is a word now) of saving money on a purchase. Back when I was single, I never knew buyers remorse. But here I am now, not even willing to purchase something if it's overly priced and not on sale! **pat myself on the back**

1. Red pillow covers, Lowes. $8. (Comparable to these pillows from Pottery Barn, $25) Red/Orange/Blue Damask pillows, Pier One, $8. (clearance)

2. Red floral curtains, Lowes. $12/panel. On sale. (Comparable to these curtains from Pottery Barn, $109/panel)

3. DIY. Old vase filled with curvy willow branches. Easy.

4. Hobby Lobby. If it's not on sale, you can print online coupons. So you can always get at least 40% off. I got these hanging flower holders for 50% off (regularly $30) and the berries to fill them with, buy one get one free.

5. Canvas sign for entryway, TJ Maxx, $20. TJ Maxx always has super cute decor for super great deals!

6. Local craft boutique (Sugar & Spice), $12. The lesson for this deal is to BE PATIENT. I saw this beauty when they were selling it for $60. Didn't buy it, saw it 6 months later at a huge sale and walked away with it for 12 buckaroos. Soooo worth the wait.

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