What I'm lovin this week.

Lipstick has always been something I see on sophisticated, classy women. Never on myself. I put it on and I feel like a clown! I have always been a lipgloss kinda girl. But that is all about to change...I found this recently and I fell in love. It has the look of lipstick, but it feels softer to me. I feel more sophisticated already.

I stocked up on this lotion and soap from Bath & Body Works at the after Christmas sales. I hope I have enough to last me all year...

Top bun. This is a life saver on days that I don't have time to wash my hair. Which, I'm not gonna lie, happens pretty often lately.

Shellac gel nails. I did this for the first time a few weeks ago (shout out to Missy for telling me about it!) and my nails still haven't chipped! I'm amazed, this stuff is the best. 3 weeks of no repainting or fixing chipped nails? Awesome. I'm so sold.

Don't judge me, this 23 flavors of goodness has been my best friend since I went back to work this week. Someday I'll quit the addiction. Someday.

Happy Friday everyone!

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