What I'm lovin this week.


ZUMBA! Life is so much better with some latin dancing in it. (Why yes, I do imagine myself to look like this when I'm dancing. Toned little tan tummy and all.)

Coca-Cola lip smackers. Tastes yummy and tints your lips, while moisturizing all at the same time. Perfect boost for days in the office, when I'm wearing scrubs and feeling frumpy.

Extra Mint Chocolate Chip Ice-cream gum. Anyone with new years resolutions to cut back on sugar (props to you!), try chewing this delightful gum. It's my favorite. Tastes just like ice cream!

The new SNOW. I know I have to explain this one, because if you know me at all you know that I HATE snow. (Why do I live in Utah, you ask? I have no idea, really.) But the reason that I love the new snow this week, is simply this: our yard is not landscaped. Rain + dirt yard + dog = baths at least three times a day. Now that there is a little snow to cover the mud, it's been a nice little break from a muddy pup! I try to look at the positives, see.

My new boots. I got these lovely riding boots for Christmas (mine are the stone colored ones) and I swear I wear them everyday. I have a closet full of boots, and these are my first pair of flat boots. Ever. But I have to say, these are so comfortable AND cute. Whowouldathought??

And now, we are hitting the road for the weekend because this lovely lady is getting married:

Aunt Kim! We are so excited for her. Twill be mucho fun!

Happy Friday everyone!

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