Two years.


{I have a million pictures of Rockie, but I decided not to overwhelm you with all of them. Lucky you.}

Today our Rockie girl is 2 years old.

Dan surprised me with Rockie as a wedding present. When we first talked about getting a dog, he played off the fact that he hated the thought and he didn't want one. Little did I know, he was actually searching high and low for the perfect Boston Terrier to buy for us. And he sure found the perfect one.

Rockie was named (by Dan) after her mother. She is the most well-trained pup that I know! (Again, thanks to Dan...he disciplines, I'm the pushover.) She is a little bit of a wuss. (AGAIN, thanks to Dan lighting a firework last year while she was sniffing it.) She will only sleep wrapped up in a blanket, which she has learned to do all by herself. She has loved Jace since we brought him home, and the older he gets the more she hangs out with him. (Mostly because he always gives her food and smells like milk.) Rockie still pees when she gets too excited. She never barks. She has the cutest, sweetest little puppy dog face I have ever seen in MY LIFE! You would always give in to it too, trust me.

So there you go, Happy Birthday to the dog that makes my life a little sweeter.

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