The Bachelor.


Holla! I can't not blog about this...Can you believe Ben chose Cortney?? I can. I saw that one coming since the first episode. A little because I have this instinct that's always dead on, but also because I might have read the spoilers online.

Anyway, I know you are all dying to hear how I feel about it. So I'll share.

I never cared for Ben. There, I said it. In fact, I wasn't planning on watching the show this year because he didn't appeal to me at all. But we all know how the story watch the first episode, and you're sucked in.

Then there is Courtney, who I also obviously never cared for. She was snotty, rude, annoying, two-faced and super socially awkward.

Then it came down to the last few episodes. And although I still dislike her, as in I wouldn't ever be friends with her, I had a realization-they really are perfect for each other. So even though I have no doubt in my mind that they won't last...I sort of feel bad for them. And I sort of have this little *hope* that they do last. Because it seems to me that they really are in love, and they really are meant to be.

So yes, maybe I'm a little pathetic for posting about this show that I'm sadly addicted to. But who wouldn't love to cuddle up on the couch once a week with their lover (yes I make him watch it with me), pop a big bowl of popcorn and watch some good, juicy drama while a bunch of girls fight over the same guy??

On that note: soooooo psyched for Emily on The Bachelorette! Love that girl.

PS. I am showing you a picture of my new flat tummy tomorrow, remember? I'm really nervous about showing so much skin to the world, but I'm a woman of my word!

So be kind. And stay tuned.

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  1. Haha. So, I'm totally sucked into "The Bachelor" as well. It's the way I get my gossipy trash TV in once a week. A lot of the time I really do feel it's a terrible show because all these girls (or guys on "The Bachelorette") think they can find true love when the person they're dating is doing all the same stuff with a bunch of other people. It just seems like a really confusing mess.

    Anyway, as for Courtney and Ben, I totally agree with you on this post. I actually feel bad for them. If they'd met under different circumstances their relationship could have been so much better. She may still be a brat, and he may be superficial and shallow, but it's unfortunate everything was made 100 times worse because of TV, tabloids and drama. I honestly felt bad when they said their perfect engagement moment has been spoiled. I think Courtney just went a little crazy and let her worst self show while on the show. Everyone has good qualities, too.

    And OMG. This is like the longest comment I've ever left on someone's blog and it's about "THE BACHELOR." I'm such a nerd. I act like I know these people. Bahaha! I'm tempted to just delete the whole thing, but for the sake of how funny I think this is now, I'm leaving it.