J man came down with a nasty virus this week. High fevers, red sore throat, barking cough, no appetite... It's so hard watching little man in pain and being so limited on what we can do to help.

But I have to say, I never fail to be amazed at how sweet this little guy is. Even when he's sick and feeling terrible, he tries to be so happy and fun. He still talks and gabs and laughs in his raspy little voice. He talks to Rockie and follows her around while he wheezes. He points at our picture wall while cheerfully yelling, "Da-da!" while daddy is at work. He giggles and plays his favorite game where he runs away from us while we chase him around the house. He still wants to go outside every chance he gets.

And the only perk to this sickness is that he is a little more willing to cuddle with me. Cuddling is rare with my active, independent little dude. So even though waking up every hour all night long is tiring, it's also turning into moments that I cherish. Late nights rocking in the glider while Jace sleeps on my chest.

He is the sweetest.

That being said, I can't wait for him to feel better. Crossing our fingers that next week will be better!


  1. Get better lil Jman, We love you!!!!

    1. Thanks you guys!! Let's play as soon as he is all better!