Spring Break

I just got done with a 5 day Spring Break "vacation", which was fabulous but very lazy. Dan didn't have the same luxury of a break from work, so we didn't get to travel or do anything exciting. Some of our happenings in the past five days:

Jace and I had a date at Subway. Ham and cheese, chocolate milk and apple slices...mmmm!

We did some shopping (J man got spoiled, of course) and Jace saw his first firetruck up close. He thought that was pretty darn cool.

I had leftover birthday cake for breakfast everyday. (It's finally gone! Thanks to the Merrills for helping us finish it off!)

Jace mastered standing on his own. Still has yet to take some steps on his own...

We (Okay, okay...not we, DAN) installed cabinets in the laundry room.

Chuck A Rama dinner with the fam, when it was warm enough to wear peep toed heels! Good-bye boots!

Went to see Mirror Mirror with my sisters, loved it!

Had a yummy, home cooked steak dinner with our favorite friends. (Didn't take any pictures, DOH!)

And the big news, J man got his new forward facing car seat! Sa-weet!

{Disclaimer: ignore the dates on the pictures. One, they are wrong. And two, I need husbands expertise to figure out how to turn that option off...}

This along with a horrible failed attempt to make homemade chocolate frozen yogurt, some yucky shots at the doctors office for little man followed by a sucker to heal the pain, 21 Jump street (I know, I see a lot of movies!), and some laying out in the sun on the driveway the day before it decided to snow on us.

On that note, we're back to work. Which is bad because I miss my long days with J man, but good because I was getting pretty darn lazy and needed a little kick in the butt to get something done!

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