For The Love of Shopping


Last weekend I fell in love with the new City Creek Center in slc. I found myself wishing I was a rich, classy lady that lived in the city and regularly dropped three grand on a lovely aqua watch at Tiffany's.

Because if I lived in the city, I would always dress classy enough to shop at Tiffany's and I would always have an extra 3 grand in my wallet. Right Ang?

But really, it was a fabulous day following an old college roomates bridal shower, spent shopping and laughing and eating a delicious lunner (that's the new word for lunch/dinner...) at Blue Lemon.

And as we drove back home that evening, while passing the quiet, clean cut fields that stretch for miles and the budding trees that welcome us into the valley, I realized that living in the City really wouldn't be for me. I am too in love with this town!

But I am also in love with driving to the city for shopping trips with good friends at gorgeous new shopping malls, and I am sure adding more of those into my regular schedule!

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