I might be a little bit crazy.

It's 3:30 on a Tuesday afternoon, and I have officially checked out.

This is my first day back to work after ten days off. Ten days that felt more like a month. I have now wandered away from my work duties to write on my blog. Today has really been a tough reality check after such a fabulous, long vacation!

Do you want to know how I really know that I've checked out for the day?

I'm at my desk munching on animal crackers, staring blankly and getting lost in thoughts, holding an elephant in one hand and a tiger in the other. And the next thing I know I am putting their faces together and making them kiss each other. Like I'm a six year old girl.

That's normal right?

I blame Summer and vacations, they make me crazy. The best kind of crazy there is.

Speaking of Summer, I'm so ready to pick up my little guy and go to the lake tonight with my boys! If I make it through the next hour of work.

Wish me luck!

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