Lake Powell & some excuses...

Just some of the highlights from our awesome vaca with some awesome people!
These pictures are a reminder of why I can't get my butt back in gear to do some projects and post something accomplished on the blog. Why I keep going to the pool, the lake, the river trail, the park...ANYwhere out in the sun instead of buying some thread and sewing some new clothes to show off!
I guess I've been doing a little too much living and not enough sewing...

On that note, I have three sewing projects sitting on my table right this minute, all just waiting for me to get to the store and buy the right colored thread.
I'll let you in on the excitement: I am refinishing an old maternity shirt into non-maternity, making myself some high waisted shorts, and turning a long sleeve shirt into a summer tank.

Soon my dears. Very soon...

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  1. One of the funnest trips ever!! Can we go back already?