Red, White & Blue

You guyyss! My all time favorite holiday is almost here! I seriously can't get over how fast it sneaks up on me every year. This year will be extra fun, since it's in the middle of the week and we get to spend the whole week & weekend celebrating!
Random side note, the 4th also marks 1 year living in our new home. Happy home-buying anniversary to us!

But seriously, don't be surprised if every blog post for the next week (or more...) is about the 4th of July. Mmmmkay??
Here I put together some inspirational "give-me-that's" for the 4th this year. I sure love me some red,white&blue.

Independence Day outfit ideas.

Also, check out my pinterest board dedicated to the 4th of July here.


  1. I love the J Crew blue and white striped skirt!

  2. Dang I love those skirts! Especially the blue and white stripes! The bag is pretty stinkin' cute too! So I think my in-laws are doing their traditional omelet breakfast the morning of the fourth. Hope to see you there!

  3. Super cute items! You're making me excited for the 4th :)