I'm an Olympian! Okay, well not really.

Olympics on tv

sweats and popcorn

A pair of men's sweatpants? check.
Last nights leftover movie popcorn? check.
My butt in front of the tv to watch the Olympics after a long day at work? Check and check.

Don't you just love the Olympics? Of course you do, who doesn't really. What's not to love? I mean, when can you keep the tv on for two weeks straight and not feel remotely bad about it?? During the Olympics, that's when.

Is it just me, or are these here Olympians just the most inspiring, motivating people ev-ER?! I am better just from watching them. These are real life superheros, people who defy all odds to break records and push themselves to the limit. They have dedicated their lives to training and practicing. There are 16 year olds for heavens sake! I mean really, when I was 16 I'm pretty sure you couldn't even pay me enough to get out of bed before 9:00 on a summer day. It's not all about the talent, although OBVIOUSLY it's a lot of talent...but it's also about the amazing-I repeat, AMAZING self-discipline that these super people have. Ahhh self-discipline, something I lack entirely and dream of having every single dang day. And it makes me wonder...I may not have talent, but what if I had their self-discipline? What else could I do??

Well anyway, the point is this here Olympics sure makes me push myself to be a better person. Oh sure, I can't swim a lap or spike a volleyball or even look remotefully graceful when jumping off a high dive... but still, I can push myself harder and farther then I normally do. Like this morning, when I woke up hours before I would normally wake up, just to go on an extra long run. It felt great, and it made me think...who really needs 8 hours of sleep?? Well, maybe I do. But not super hero Olympians, that's for dang sure.

And on that note, I plan on two trips to the gym tomorrow. Early morning spin, late night dance class. Just for fun really, because who knows how long this Olympic motivation will last?! Forever? Maybe. But just in case it doesn't come back again until the winter Olympics...I'm gonna soak it up while I can.

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