A girls night with homemade pizza, and an extra long thursday.

Us girlz

Lace and I

Last Saturday night,I kicked out the boys and two of my favorite girls came over to mi casa, where we spent the night grilling homemade pizza, catching up and watching a chick flick. Because really, sometimes you just need a girls night. Am I right??

Thanks to my girl Lacey and her mad skills, we whipped up some homemade dough and made it all from scratch. De-light-ful. Makes me wonder why I don't cook more myself?! But then, if I could carry Lacey around in my pocket maybe I would. And thanks to my girl Kay, we had string beans fresh from the garden to boot! And we didn't even need a mans help with the grill. We are the bees knees I tell ya.

Well now that was back in the weekend, when life was fun. Thursdays, they aren't so great. Do you know how you know it's going to be a long day? I'll tell you how you know: You wake up 10 minutes before you need to leave the house, you're showered-less with hairy legs and dirty hair, and all you can grab from your almost empty pantry is a nutritionless cookie dough pop tart for breakfast. But it sure helps when husband takes the little guy to preschool for you, and then drops off a cold can of dr. pepper for you to wash your pop tart down with.

Anyway, that was my morning in a nutshell.

Buttttt (with an emphasis on the "tttt") if we're looking on the bright side, which I tend to do sometimes, I do get a delicious turkey pilgrim sandwich from great harvest for lunch today, and we do get to go swimming at the public pool tonight. Soooo, it can't be all that bad right?? Well, as long as I get to shave my legs before I put on a swimsuit. Else, ain't nobody happy!

And besides, I keep seeing everyone's facebook posts on crying their eyes out because it's the first day of school. And really, that makes me feel better because I still have 4 years before I have to deal with the first day of school! Oh boy, I am not looking forward to that. Can we please just tell our kids to quit growing up already??!

And anyway, if I'm going to find a nice way to end this post, I guess I will tell you all that our main man has started saying "bet-do" (Bless You) after we sneeze. Good gravy, now if that's not just the cutest thing!!!

PS I'm just as anxious for fall as the next girl, but what is with all the girls around town wearing jeans, boots, sweaters and scarves? It's still in the 90's for goodness sake! I mean really.

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