This post really isn't quite as scary as that title is making it sound. Although, you never really know... I'm what you call an "ADD writer" (don't act like you haven't noticed), so by the end of this it could be very scary. Or I might be talking about tacos, or something totally unrelated like that.

Oh and speaking of unrelated, I was attacked by a great dane on my morning run today! Okay, okay, maybe not "attacked" persay. More like, he ran at me, gave me a sniff, and then continued on his way. But guys, when a great dane is running at you it's kind of intimidating. I mean, those things are huge! Beautiful, and HUGE. But I'm no coward. I stared that beaut in the face and kept on jogging. I might have hesitated slightly at first, but believe me, I held my ground! And really, I think he liked me.

Which reminds me, Dan's sister has a great dane, Moose is the name. Very fitting, right? Anway, everytime little dude sees Moose the great dane, he says "Horsie!!" I can see the confusion.

Oh boy, do you see what I mean by ADD?? My goodness.

This is the real point of my coming here to write today: This morning I headed out to the highway, where I came to a stop so I could make a right turn. There on the corner was a parked truck, a man, and a pile of 2x4's (and whatnots) scattered along the road, some of them blocking the right lane of the highway. The man was frantically picking up the boards and putting them back in his truck.

At first I thought, Ohhh sad! I wish I could help! But alas, I couldn't help. Why? Because one, I have no muscles and picking up 2x4's would be difficult for little old me. And two, I was wearing my white jeans today.

So I waited to make my turn. And waited, and waited. You see, because his wood was blocking the right lane, all the traffic was merging to the left and I didn't have any openings to move in. I must have sat in the car for a good two minutes, just waiting for an opening, watching the man picking up his boards, and hoping that someone with muscles would stop to help him for heavens sake!

Not a minute after I drove away, I was filled with regret. I had my excuses as to why it would have been silly for me to jump out and help that man. But really, that's all they were-excuses. I should have parked my car and helped him pick up the boards. Sure, I would have dirtied my white jeans-but who cares? I was two seconds from home, where I could have changed and been on my way.

I've been kicking myself all morning for not helping that man. And that's why I'm posting today. Because we shouldn't live with regret! When a moment presents itself, we should seize it. No excuses, no second guesses...just do!

I guess that's the only good thing that comes from regret-learning from it. Next time, I will forget about excuses and silly white jeans. Next time...

PS This might possibly be the last day I wear my white jeans for the season. I mean, if we still live by the "no white after labor day" rule. Do we still have to follow that rule anyway?? Well, if lovely white skinnies, it's been a great summer with ya. See you next year!

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  1. You're okay to wear your white jeans... that rule is out! :) How are you by the way?!