A week in pictures, and a pumpkin overload.

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>> mister J thinks climbing on the kitchen table is the best. which is no bueno for mama.
>> his other new fav is jumping on mom and dads bed. which is actually pretty much the cutest thing.
>> my new rule in october is: anything I bake must have pumpkin in it. Best rule ever? Yes, I think so too.
>> i have decided that next year, growing a pumpkin patch in the garden is a necessity.
>> and after all of this, I found out that husband doesn't actually "care for" pumpkin flavored things. because "they are a part of the squash family." ...more for me and mister J, I guess?
>> whoever gave the idea to wear flannel shirts like jackets, well...I'd like to give that person a high five.
>> i'm in love with our oak tree in the fall.
>> my diy leg warmers make me feel the need to stand in front of the mirror and dance. (don't act like you don't do it too.)
>> it's time to start wearing gloves.

And now, it's friday. And HOW!

I have lots of thoughts running through my mind this week. Maybe some more changes on the blog, maybe some more confession shhpills, coming your way soon...

Until then, have a fantastic weekend! I am most looking forward to bundling up and taking a stroll through the pumpkin walk. I'm also looking forward to lots of hot chocolate, wearing husbands sweatshirts and being homebound. And leaving J man in his pj's almost all weekend. (I swear, sometimes we get him dressed in real clothes!) Maybe I'll make some more pumpkin treats. ooh, and maybe we'll carve our pumpkins!

I know what you're thinking.. If she says 'pumpkin' one more time..!!!

Okay, okay, I'm done.

Happy Friday!


{fabulous finds}

this chunky knit scarf, perfect for winter.

this new app I just downloaded to my iphone. love, love, love it!

this knit sweater. at this store I love, which is a lot like forever 21.

this tutorial on diy canvas maps, as I'm getting ready to re-do little guys bedroom.

this messy french bun.

and just in case you want to watch it again, like me...this extended preview. it's almost here!

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