A week in pictures. Nbd.

Pumpkin Walk Bachelor Pumpkins high ho cherrio pumpkins pumpkin head sleepy head sleepy boys boots blankie boy first snow walk rockie eyes hair blondie cheesecake baby bell half nakie 

the past seven days have consisted of...

>> a chilly YET surprisingly warm night with friends at the pumpkin walk
>> pumpkin spice lattes
>> steak & shrimp dinners (okay, I'd like the 's' but it was just one...)
>> a new hair do for yours truly (ridiculously blonde!)
>> too many good new tv shows to keep up with
>> the first snowfall
>> holding a friends brand new baby boy. because newborns find a way to warm your heart right up.
>> cravings for vanilla coke

and this weekend will consist of...

>> a halloween party
>> family pictures (if the weather permits?!)
>> sweet potato fries
>> a birthday party
>> and hoopppeefully...if husband will just allow it, JUST this once...
I'd really like a midnight movie in bed to watch when harry met sally
(but this, this is going to take some sincere begging on my part...)

Happy Friday friends!

 {this shatter nail polish for halloween. hurry to tj maxx, they have them for $4!}

{these $11 maxi skirts. one of each, please!}

{these pumpkin desserts}

{this recent inspiration. something to remember}

{this new blog i stumbled upon.}

{these iphone covers that I'm obsessing over}

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  1. You are seriously adorable!! and I am loving your hair!!