A picture a day + a rainy weekend to come

 photo 472A4815-61D5-432B-98CA-A9EE19900327-17027-0000110DBBA6FB78_zps0dca0bf9.jpg photo FBA038ED-6E2F-41C7-A605-2A294E255E3C-17027-0000110DD52DA227_zpsd09f7cf9.jpg photo 3D7C4629-1430-4434-9E5A-C676C35D2B59-17027-0000110DF50EA71B_zpsd4da6246.jpg photo 9BCFD0CA-EF31-4939-B5F0-36E10BE147FB-17027-0000110DFD3106E9_zpsf55a5941.jpg photo 6F8F644F-692E-4E53-9ACF-46E86C0CEB54-17027-0000110E08996BAA_zpsee34026c.jpg photo 9312E3F0-87DA-436C-8EE4-DAA901D4C4F0-17027-0000110E151ABF4C_zps28fe291e.jpg photo 6B22AFD7-E3C0-4AEC-8C8B-62C4C4AA20B7-17027-0000110E55110D98_zps604b94c2.jpg

friday // driving with the windows down = one happy pup
saturday // all of the kids playing king of the mountain in our grass-less yard
sunday // mister J discovers the tractor at grandma's house
monday // caught in a downpour while taking a walk
tuesday // my favorite time of day = evening walks
wednesday // the boss likes to buy us breakfast, and this is the cutest little crepery I have ever seen
thursday // sitting in the sun with a dump truck

^^^                   ^^^                 ^^^                   ^^^                      ^^^                         ^^^

Friday. FRRIIDDAAYYY. We had big plans of taking our baby to baby animal days, but I'll be darned if EVERY SINGLE YEAR the weather isn't a pile of mush on baby animal days weekend! I should have known, really, so I blame myself.

But what do we do in my house but to improvise, because if you don't excel at improvising you really won't get far in life, and I'm sure we'll find something just as fun and exciting to do. I'm sort of itching to have a Lord of the Rings marathon, because I like to watch those movies once every five years or so. By golly if I can talk the hubs into it I might find the rain a good excuse to be cooped up, you know? I'm also thinking of stocking the freezer with cookie dough and putting away all of my winter sweaters. Exciting, no?! Maybe we'll throw a date night in there, an excuse to go dance in the rain or something ultra cheesy like that.

Well now I'm just thinking outloud, and no one wants to hear that nonsense. The point is HAPPY FRIDAY and good luck out there in the rain! Just remember, flowers and rainbows and sunshine to follow! (wink, wink)

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