It's that time again!


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Here is a fun fact for you: Once every 6 months or so, I get motivated to do projects. This motivation rides in on the wind and sweeps me up in a tornado of a gust, making me feel like a twelve year old child with ADHD. It's always very sudden and overwhelming, where I am incredibly motivated to do everything on my piling to-do-list, all at once! I feel like a boss and a spaz all at the same time!

No one could know how long the motivation will stay, not even myself, but when it's over it catches a ride back on the wind and takes off to hibernate in the farthest caves for another six months or so, before it will come back to visit and start the process all over again.

Well as you probably suspect, this yearly motivation has made it's appearance and it is on. Suddenly I find myself buying out the craft store and writing little lists in triangle bullets of all the projects I am going to do. RIGHT NOW! DO THEM NOW! The voice in my head yells at me excitedly, and I LISTEN.

Today, for example, I made my first homemade stew and had it cooking in the crockpot by noon. I stocked our freezer with these eggs for homemade eggmcmuffin breakfasts all week long. I brought home the old barn table I purchased and it's in the garage preparing for it's exfoliation and bath of paint. And I'm right smack in the middle of this project with some beautiful canvas' that have been gathering dust in my storage room all year.

Yesterday I used some lovely hand-me-down gold china to do this and those lovelies are currently our kitchen table decor. Also on my triangle bulleted list, I am planning on a trip to the dollar store soon for these to hang our keys on, ordering fabric to sew new couch pillow covers, making these paper hydrangeas to fill in a vase and turning our ikea coffee table into a coffee table ottoman.

That's all not too mention that today, after a three month delay, I finally made the trip into the hospital to update mister J's immunization record, had a long park playdate with my little dude, and even placed an order for this weeks bountiful basket of fresh fruits and veggies!


I'm really just hoping my motivation doesn't up and leave before I finish it all. Because let's just say, that has happened before and it's horribly depressing.

{a side note, the hubs does not love it when this ADHD motivation to do a million projects arrives. not one bit. and I kind of don't blame him.}

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