Who loves fireworks? We do!

I know Utah is UTAH, and it's not always the most respected. We have crazy drivers, miserable winters, only two liberals and no one wants to pay you much more than minimum wage. But you guys. In Utah we do sometimes have our perks. Namely: July. We extend our fireworks celebrations for the 24th of July, which is declared Pioneer Day round these parts. So, let's just say that between Independence Day and Pioneer Day, ALL of July is dedicated to fireworks. It's grand.

When I was in college we had a tradition where we took a grill to the willow park Pioneer Day festivities and grilled frozen burritos. Yes, I said it-we grilled frozen burritos and before you judge me let me tell you, they are surprisingly fantastic. It was a fun tradition with fun friends and fun memories.

But now I'm a little growed up and we don't grill burritos anymore, which is silly because growing up should involve everything including grilled frozen burritos, but whatever. This year, however, we did kick off Pioneer Day with something exciting. Namely, our FIRST hosted BBQ on our NEW LAWN. (applause please!)

We had hoped to have a big ol' BBQ on July 4th but our grass was still a baby and we were much too cautious to have a group of people trample it just yet. But these past few weeks filled with fertilizer and lawn mowing have been magical. Grow grass grow! It's thick and luscious and getting thicker by the day. Having a yard with grass is fab, you guys. Fab is short for fabulous, you know. It. Is. Fabulous.

Although I took a few pictures, I didn't take nearly as many as I would have liked, so I'm a tad disappointed in myself. But that's life, question mark? People don't love a camera in their face all of the time, and I'll never understand it, but it always breaks my heart. How did I, the picture taker of all picture takers, get cursed with not one but two boys who hate having their picture taken? How long must this be my cross to bear?!

And please feel free to tell my husband how great I look with a baby, if you must. Because don't I? We are two peas in a pod, me and babies. I will say it till my dying day. I was made for babies!

But I think you all know where I stand on that one, so let's move on.


 photo 6D3B0839-ABF9-4F27-B52D-3D63192A544A-5726-0000064228EEB67F_zpsf0bf570d.jpg photo 72A679DD-B0F8-493B-9D11-5CF7DD1635E0-5726-000006423553042C_zpsa0a24c62.jpg photo 5FD81C3C-164B-4742-9927-902B0FCD35FE-5726-000006423DD515BD_zps5ad30764.jpg photo A113ADCF-44A1-4A9A-9011-72E8000B0432-5726-0000064253D8C27A_zpsd5798da0.jpg photo 00C49153-EFB0-4DBA-908E-B44533342759-5726-000006425C10E1E5_zpsf3444de8.jpg photo 50155E38-247A-489D-A201-DADC73F3E1D6-5726-000006426EF87BC1_zpsb22f0612.jpg photo F18A52D1-8202-46A2-B902-6D02E9965D12-5726-0000064276B08568_zpsf475631e.jpg photo FC7BD18D-6B91-4BFE-ADAD-3578555BB939-5726-0000064262464A6E_zps06de02a9.jpg photo 7BC94593-24DB-4213-894C-2F8367FF0EC0-5726-00000642822215BD_zps349dcfb4.jpg photo DBC965D8-DFE6-416A-990A-7E5E20124F12-5726-000006428CDDC11A_zps9ac35b40.jpg photo 455D336D-5F76-419F-963A-B2A87B00825F-5726-0000064296B8C934_zps7b3ebe49.jpg photo B33BECAE-5FE2-48A2-B929-8AC776C9412A-5726-00000642A1055853_zpsff536709.jpg photo 65E1F31D-AA17-42A3-A954-F49B95D3E04F-5726-00000642A6691209_zps0736a82e.jpg photo 4CEB46EC-B12C-486D-8685-B8567DF7AC35-5726-00000642B1C758FB_zpsb2ff4013.jpg photo FC5C17A7-95B2-4CEB-98D2-819F444DCDED-5726-00000642B8697D66_zpscf2eba3d.jpg

The truth is, it was humid and kind of stressful and I didn't get to eat until my food was cold because I was taking care of the boy. But I'm going to say overall it was a success and at least we have that.

Our grass is growing up so fast! It's very first hosting! I am so proud of it.

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