Eating Healthy! On a Monday!

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Happy Monday and top of the morning to ya'laddies! (you have to read that in an irish accent for it to sound right, of course.)

So, it's Monday. I think we've covered that.

Mister J and I have grand plans of the library and the grocery store today. And I'm crossing my fingers that he actually takes a nap, which is something that has alluded us these past few days. This kid, he really fights those naps, although he sleeps wonders throughout the night so I'm glad we have something right. The stubbornness! Where does he get that from anyway?! ;)

Let's back up, because I had something I came here to say. And that is: I quit drinking Dr Pepper and I've been eating healthy. Healthy! Of all things. And when I say quit drinking, I mean cut back tremendously of course. I've had a bowl of oatmeal with blueberries every single morning for a couple of weeks now. I cut my lunch servings in half (because I'm some pig when it comes to my lunches, it's my favorite meal you guys!). I've been eating more fruits and veggies, and fresh from the garden might I add! I substitute my Dr Pepper cravings for fresh brewed tea, and if I need a caffeine kick I've got some iced coffee in the fridge that works wonders. And then every now and again I'll take a can of dr pepper because, well, duh. It's the best.

This is all to say, I feel fabulous. I'm not kidding you guys! I feel the healthy and if I owned a scale or kept track of my weight at all, I'd lay bets I've lost a pound or two. Although the numbers on the scale aren't my goal, it's just the living longer and feeling healthier thing. But my mood! Oh what wonders it does for my mood to eat so healthy, and I had no idea that would happen!

I used to eat healthy. Most all of the time. I would drink soy milk and I didn't eat much meat and I even went seven months once without any sugar at all! Can you imagine?! But then I hit a funk, and I can't exactly put my finger on it except that maybe it was about...last year or so? I didn't go crazy or anything, but I definitely lost the motivation to eat healthy and started eating whatevertheH I wanted to. This is mostly because my metabolism magically boosted after I had Jace, and I found that I could eat whatever I wanted without gaining much weight at all. It was a miracle!

But I had no idea that it wasn't all about gaining weight. Can I tell you guys something? It's not all about gaining weight. I'm no scientist but I'm guessing there is something our brain produces that connects somehow to the foods we eat, and I'm guessing that depression and mood swings and tiredness are all linked back somehow to not getting the proper amount of nutrition. I'd google it, but you know.

So the point is: I'm feeling grand. This eating healthy thing is not so overrated after all. And I'm not saying that I didn't have a slice of blueberry cheesecake last night, but remember all things in moderation. Right? I eat healthy all week so that I don't feel guilty when my dad brings a blueberry cheesecake to dinner! And I wish you all could have tried a slice, because wow. It was delightful. AND, I did overcome the desire to go back for seconds, so that's something?

Well there's a whole blog post with my thoughts on the matter, and I hope you enjoyed! I'd keep going but I've got an antsy little boy who just finished snack time and is ready to go to the library. And he also just dumped a box of paperclips on the floor, so. I suppose I better get.

Have yourself a happy monday!

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