Dandelion Wishes & A Clavicut

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Like any girl, I love Summer. I do. I would never wish it away, not ever. But my heart and soul craves more than the summer heat can bring me. The pool, short shorts, melting into puddles at the playground where the slide is too hot to sit on. Summer is short and although I love it, I thank the heavens that it's short. Because the heat of the day isn't where my heart belongs. My soul craves sixty degrees, boyfriend jeans and scarfs on a picnic blanket, sipping a pumpkin spice latte from a ceramic mug.

But above that, for the nostalgia and the romance of it all, my soul overlooks the heat of the day when the summer evening sneaks in. Summer evenings that bid us to play outside after a fresh bath, wearing only a diaper, bare feet stepping through the cool grass blades beneath us. It shows us a lone dandelion in a thick sea of grass, taunting us to pick it up and blow it's seeds. Make a wish! It tells us. And we do. We wish for endless summer nights to remember forever and ever, filled with two year old giggles and a dim summer moon hanging in the sky.

PS. have you heard the news?

 photo BA4E853B-15D3-440B-BEF9-38B94556E7FC-12414-00000BC8B63D99EB_zpsbc86f85f.jpg

I cut my lovely locks.

I have it in my mind that my real goal in life is to be a city girl. To me, a city girl is classy and confident. She has style but she tries not to be too trendy, and all while not giving a you-know-what about what anyone else might think of her. Since I always try to be that city girl, and chopping my hair was so stirred up in my soul, I finally knew what I had to do.

And would you know. Last night as I looked in the mirror, I saw a glimpse of that city girl. The one with the courage to do something solely for herself, without any cares of trying to impress anyone else. The one with the confidence to rock something new. I smiled at her, that city girl glimpse.

(I also saw a glimpse of Charlie from Top Gun, thanks to my thick hair and blunt ends. I'm okay with looking like Charlie, you know. The 80's will always be okay with me.)

But there I was and here I am, having one of those I like who I'm becoming moments. So I guess it's all more than "just a haircut" afterall.

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