A week in the life.

 photo 2DEA5CDE-90F2-4BFF-A17F-499545BCD62E-12716-0000103A19C1C387_zps6d0609fc.jpg photo 327B3DCC-055B-4362-9F1A-A639EF0E6129-12716-0000103A29BBA982_zpsa5925206.jpg photo 79FE415F-AA81-4E7E-8DE5-10610E2DC46A-12716-0000103A304CD112_zpsf1758ddb.jpg photo A19AE5E2-0816-46FB-8787-6BD7A9ED91C2-12716-0000103A3AAEC102_zps7e8a8cd0.jpg photo 54ED0043-F8F3-42ED-B54F-26DFF6FC053A-12716-0000103A46ACF814_zpsa94661b0.jpg

// Last weekend I met up with mah'ladies for a long needed GNO. It was the usual whenever I meet up with these gals, aka: laughing so much that I come home with sore abs. I love these ladies, I tell you what! We make fools of ourselves and I feel like we are in college all over again. Sometimes you need a break from reality to feel like you're in college again.

 photo 87FD125B-2D90-4593-867C-8AA85F83E366-12716-0000103A5B62ED66_zps96c97059.jpg photo 83F7D778-F77E-4786-A704-FDE844C260A8-12716-0000103A7730B658_zps86b17c74.jpg photo 6FC09D59-7854-46C2-9DA2-DEB7C75891A1-12716-0000103A6D9A824A_zpsf475150b.jpg photo 7AB2C602-1549-4DD6-B26D-889808AB81D0-12716-0000103A8B5C075B_zpsa3ede7d3.jpg

// The morning after our GNO I ran my first race of the year, with these gals who have ran like fifty races already this year. (you hear me Lacey!) But it was fun and kicked my butt, and the best part of it all was the burrito covered in sour cream and guac following my race. I still have dreams about that burrito you guys. It was that good.

 photo 76A31FDB-A0DA-46E8-ADC2-20B8D6F63536-12716-0000103AB62CAC42_zps8029c744.jpg photo E1601DA4-CAFF-43D2-AFE7-5897F700E81D-12716-0000103ABF59F3EB_zps1008b4cc.jpg

// A boy and his tractors. Do you see the two tractors in the background? Holding his tractors, watching the real tractors...he is in heaven with all of this construction work around our neighborhood. Me and dad, not so much. But whatever makes little dude happy, I suppose.

 photo CE1782CC-1D95-4961-9AFF-D9DD99219D99-12716-0000103ACF0ADAFE_zpsd8a2f760.jpg photo 2497BD75-F097-402A-A571-28D48CF565BE-12716-0000103ADF523B56_zpsb0de598b.jpg photo 85FA5EEC-763F-471A-B2C7-58E724843F74-12716-0000103AEA5D4E3A_zpsf4165c9c.jpg

// Date night with my studs at twizzleberry. Extra coconut and extra cherries, of course. And let this be a lesson to you: always sample a flavor before you choose one, because when you try your husbands pistachio ice cream after you've already filled your bowl with coconut ice cream, you can't go back. Even if it's the best pistachio ice cream you've tasted in a long, looonnngg time.

 photo AE365E3F-DDE5-45E6-AF85-755C21614EC9-12716-0000103AFFEE128D_zps1ddee34d.jpg photo BF3D007E-978B-4B05-8802-D49492CD3360-12716-0000103B07B15AEB_zpsb1bb600d.jpg

// Thursday after work I came home to thousand tomatoes on my counter and decided something must be done! So we set to work making loads of pico, only, I largely underestimated the amount of time it would take to slice up tomatoes when you are quadrupling the recipe. It should also be noted that I did get jalepeno up my nose for the first time in my life, and that is an experience I will be glad to never go through again. It should ALSO be noted that the jalepeno juice got up my nose AFTER the pico was done. I swear I wash my hands. That jalepeno juice isn't deterred by soap and hot water, you know.

 photo 937274DA-E348-4DF8-9944-BE72A3122CA7-12716-0000103B17DB1071_zps0aacc882.jpg photo AAA0B2C3-25B0-466C-860B-B182DDBE5449-12716-0000103B20F3ECE7_zpsde808e67.jpg photo 31453DA3-CF43-4368-891E-008246CF4F9B-12716-0000103B59240CB7_zpseaf867db.jpg photo 1F9D5680-6687-49F5-A5E4-5624F38F46BD-12716-0000103B371BA0AB_zps501b9307.jpg photo F01C1E94-4C85-4B64-9F20-FB8CE0133D51-12716-0000103B616F2B3B_zps2709b326.jpg
 photo 0A1FCC69-464D-4992-8338-E2007F5852ED-12716-0000103B65A5B500_zps716692db.jpg

// And dinner at A&W when we just crave the best rootbeer in town happens maybe twice a year. We took a drive to hit up the w's clear on the other side of the valley, you know, to make a night of it and all. And me being the stellar mother that I am, I forgot little dude's shoes so he walked around the restaurant barefoot and let's all hope he doesn't catch some nasty foot disease now. But that rootbeer. Nothing beats it!

// And that, friends, is a week in pictures. Lots of fun around the C house these days! Speaking of fun, it's my BIRTHDAY WEEK which is only slightly better than Christmas so...I'm pretty excited. More on that later.

For now, happy monday!


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