Five reasons to chop dem locks.

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It's been just over a month since I chopped my locks. Five weeks later, and I am here to report that I don't regret my decision in the slightest.

The first few weeks after I cut my hair I was up and down with my surety. I wasn't sure I loved it, then I was, then I wasn't again. But I've had some time to practice styling and mull things over, really mull things over in those long nights of laying in bed and thinking about silly little things like my hair. The same long nights when I tried to talk myself out of cutting my hair for months.

So I'm back to report, now that I'm more in love with my hair than ever. It's all very exciting because this is the first hair cut I've done in a loonnnggg time. Presenting: five reasons I love my medium length hair:

// THE VOLUME. Holy crud, that volume. When my hair was long it just hung. You know? It just hung and it was pretty, sure, I do love long hair. But the only way to get good VOLUME was to rat my hair at the roots and who loves to rat there hair? No one, that's who. Since I chopped my locks my hair is almost always voluminous and that, friends, is my very favorite part.

// THE EFFICIENCY. Obviously, that efficiency. Less time to do. Duh.

// THE CHANGE. Like I said, I needed some change. Badly. My hair as been the same since college, minus adding bangs here and there as one often does and regrets. I needed a different style, something to feel FUN and EXCITING and ADVENTUROUS.

// THE HEALTHINESS. I wish so badly that I had taken a before picture, one just after I dried my hair but before it was styled. My hair was showing sure signs of how long it had been long. It felt thin at the ends, it felt transparent, it felt broken. The difference now is pretty amazeballs. It is healthy as a horse! Who doesn't love healthy hair?

// THE DOING SOMETHING FOR MYSELF. You see, the odds were against me when I chopped my locks. Ninety five percent of people I talked to, including the hubs, tried to talk me out of it. No one wants you to cut your hair! Keep it long! That's the only thing men like! Conform! That's what they will tell you. Which is all ridiculous. Of course long hair is beautiful and sexy and gorgeous, but do you know what? So is short hair. And medium length hair. It's all different like we're all different and that's the beauty of it. It's refreshing and confidence boosting and liberating to do something that no one else wants you to do, but to do it solely for yourself because that's what you want. Be yourself. Love yourself. Do things for yourself.

And while we are at it, here are a few reasons you might should consider chopping YOUR locks:

// If you've had the same hairstyle for a decade. It's time for something new!

// If your hair feels unhealthy and broken.

// If you wear your hair UP more than you wear it DOWN.

// If you need more volume.

// If you have been considering chopping it for more than two or three months.

Those are all signs that you should make the appointment! Go to pinterest, find that perfect haircut, take a picture to your stylist and get 'er done!

And just remember: hair grows back. It always does.


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