A fall weekend at the C house.

 photo 27D91EB4-FEA6-4AC3-BF7F-38F5EEC3381C-3022-00000191470669C6_zpsb78caaf0.jpg photo D5C9F9AD-5138-4959-8A56-E8D1A67B6986-3022-0000019153358D91_zps906bb6ff.jpg photo 9B19C347-87F9-4C7B-8BE9-FBCAE20C7D26-3022-0000019138F337E6_zpsf7193e6c.jpg

// Friday night we went to the football game. It was fun and cold and sad, all at the same time. Ain't nobody wants to watch our star QB tear his ACL, and then continue to watch as we lose to byu. Ay ay ay, I hate that byu. But the company was grand, and huddling in blankets while drinking hot chocolate, the stormy grey sky painted as a background above the stadium, it was all very romantic.

 photo 866B27D1-2A43-4096-8020-63D193FF896F-3022-000001916371EF16_zpsb2ae38b9.jpg photo 39B0FBC2-9181-46D7-842F-6B66D77B94E0-3022-000001916C013932_zps1769e4fc.jpg photo 8BD5A102-7730-458A-8D34-C0BDB66E41A0-3022-00000191F46A121B_zpsaf7aee14.jpg photo FDE41201-313F-4C27-8A0B-1BA8BE009613-3022-0000019212617755_zps6fb26ee4.jpg photo 359BF506-CC6B-4B8B-BD5C-90B0E99A480F-3022-00000192037D3B1F_zps31b30f52.jpg

// Saturday we made a stop at the pumpkin patch to pick out some prize pumpkins. We grew a pumpkin in our garden this year you know, just for mister J, but would you know that it died? Froze it's little pumpkin buns right off when the cold weather hit and it didn't even make it long enough to turn orange. Saddest thing. But luckily we live down the road from this fabulous pumpkin patch that has freshly grown plump pumpkins just waiting to be taken home. Every year we choose a pumpkin for each of us, and without even realizing it I think they always resemble each of us. Just a little more orange, and a little more plump.

 photo F29F18FE-7569-42C5-BA33-5844811133DB-3022-000001922109F728_zps9f045a4f.jpg photo 664D4455-69E8-4DD4-BA90-0A982CA89E21-3022-00000192308C5D58_zps252277c2.jpg photo 54D57966-B931-4725-8AF6-F3D251421A19-3022-000001923D377486_zps42f7ae34.jpg photo 3CF4602C-1C5E-4EFD-A615-6D80AC7B6BAD-3022-0000019244B79C59_zps9f4c2a07.jpg photo 5D1D6897-1F8D-413C-AE5D-102768D06044-3022-000001924BF92E8E_zps75215247.jpg photo 34517EF9-4E04-4881-AF89-1BDF00475E3E-3022-00000191C58E2448_zps478d671a.jpg photo 4DCC6CB9-5E64-4300-9B65-122834F47AF3-3022-0000019194294BE8_zpsae9fe650.jpg photo 891E809B-F020-4228-A34E-5BEFFA5F3CA8-3022-000001917759E8F0_zpsa73859a8.jpg photo F4D029B3-060B-4059-8C76-6AA26646271A-3022-000001918A2469F5_zps93e6b203.jpg

// After the pumpkin patch we met our friends at the little bear bottoms corn maze for a good time crunching around in the plowed corn field. Seriously you guys, they don't actually REMOVE the corn here, it's the darndest thing. You just keep jabbing your toes on corn stalks and rolling your ankles on stale ears of corn. But they have a sign that says "enter at your own risk", so I guess you can't sue them or anything.

The kids loved that darn haybale maze and the husbands even did their fair share in there, but me and mah'girl Lindsay know better than to get lost in a dark maze of hay that will flare up your allergies and your claustrophobia all at the same time.

I think next corn maze we'll head over to american west, which is always a favorite every year, but now I know that it's probably because they REMOVE the corn stalks from the pathways. But it was good times, nonetheless, as it always is with these crazy kids.

 photo 640E49C5-A528-4A07-ACF6-5B42F523E6C9-3022-00000191B4BCFAF4_zpsd04ed7d7.jpg

// This is our porch now, aka "pumpkin patch" as mister J likes to call it.

 photo ED38B584-33AD-4DC7-B7CB-76735BFDA96B-3022-00000191A28AE7D5_zpsbd573229.jpg photo 8103249B-23A2-4331-9C95-F30B12142262-3022-0000019262579568_zpsad368898.jpg

// Sunday we pulled out all of our tomato plants and there goes our garden for the year, minus half a row of carrots that just keep hanging around. You see all of those green tomatoes? Poor little guys didn't make it through the frost, and now they will be tilled into the garden and turned into this cycle of life that is inevitable. I love gardens, don't you?

 photo 27CA9BBE-08A3-4EDE-A10D-F5C58D46545A-3022-00000191DDAF4A41_zps9e477778.jpg photo B3398BED-9FFF-4F7B-AA36-6A3F718D53FF-3022-00000191CDE458C1_zpsdda3c667.jpg

// So yesterday mister J and I picked some of those carrots and took them to the horses, which oddly enough only one of the three horses actually ate carrots. The same horse that tried eating Jace's hair up there. He'll take what he can get, I guess?

// And that's the story, some pictures and some weekend highlights, you know. The good stuff, from the good life, for your entertainment. 

PS all hot drinks at maverik are one dollar, ALL of this month, did you know? It's grand. Go get you some!

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  1. I love the pumpkin patch pictures! Looks like you guys had a great time! I've had to work the last two weekends but I'm dying to go! So, I suppose this weekend is the lucky one ;).