Hello, October.

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The change of seasons is something that pulls on my heartstrings. Each year that goes by is this awfully huge blessing, a gift because we've made it to another season. A reminder that life is short and nothing is guaranteed. A memento to show us that change is inevitable.

I've always loved the harsh change of seasons. With each season I find my perspectives changing, and isn't that kind of beautiful? The season changes and I with it. I grow a little, learn a little, change my outlook on life a little. Each season brings something new to the table.

Fall? Fall brings romance, readiness and knowledge. The dying leaves carry beauty, hope and courage. And then there is the happiness and giddiness that magically frosts the atmosphere, the kind that makes us grown adults feel like carefree children.

I don't know a soul who doesn't love october. The best of fall is in october. And now it's here, which is a little mind blowing because this year is going by so fast. My goal this october is to hold tight to time and make it slow down this month, as much as I possibly can. I'm going to enjoy every last bite of pumpkin flavored everything. I'm going to take pictures in the red & yellow leaves. I'm going to hold my son's hand through a few corn mazes. I'm going to sip hot chocolate covered in melting mini marshmallows. I'm going to watch the sunset with my loves on our front porch, wrapped in blankets and breathing in the crisp air.

The genius in this is that when october is gone and the snow sneaks in, I won't have any regrets. I will know that I lived those 31 days to my hearts content. Because like anne, I really am thankful I live in a world where there are octobers.

Aren't we all?

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