Pumpkin carving.

 photo 2C36244E-D200-41BA-AD8C-5412B014E8D0-8057-000004012D85F95B_zps2fdf3e32.jpg photo 79427FC0-D8FE-486E-851D-7ACABF51B009-8057-000004014DC07B1A_zps7336e025.jpg photo 76A50E5B-6775-4F3C-B40B-D472EDE6AFDA-8057-000004013EFD5EE2_zps1a638af8.jpg photo Hallow.jpg photo AA48E91C-BE18-400D-8B25-71F3E18FD1D2-8057-000004017D7E1ED2_zpsb9928330.jpg photo 463162B4-E662-4EFC-80EE-C4B1D6A1FEF2-8057-0000040185877824_zpsb59e345e.jpg photo B27BBE44-F0F0-418D-9A69-EE19C5D4DBA5-8057-00000401997964EF_zps83be1830.jpg photo C007B227-F793-433B-9A26-E24394E8E921-8057-00000409198DA0F9_zps85c2563c.jpg photo 7EAAA563-4C44-4E87-98CB-DAA31EFEA0D1-8057-000004019FF8E8AC_zps4e67df4d.jpg photo A2052712-DC73-4F7F-96B1-FC66B04A09EA-8057-00000401A820F0DA_zpsbf085c3a.jpg photo 03BA745F-09AD-4DE7-855B-34DD215E63C9-8057-00000401AEF85FE2_zps6a75b7a4.jpg

// Over the weekend we had a pumpkin carving fest at our casa with good friends, while netflix halloween specials played in the background. They were kid friendly, sure, but mister J got spooked a little on the monsters vs aliens special and was sure to be very over-dramatic about it, running around the house screaming like a girl, "noooo! Pumppkiiinss! Scaryyy pumpkinnnsss!!"

And anyway, it was a grand pumpkin carving night. Normally I'll admit that I find pumpkin carving to be a hassle. All of the gutting and seeds and muscle strength it takes to carve with a dull knife! But this year, honest-to-goodness it was perfect. Lots of fun and not too much work, although I'll admit that the hubs did most of the gutting, which is the worst part.

Mister J was in shock that mama actually let him use a marker, the one thing he constantly asks for but is always refused on. After he colored the crap out of that pumpkin, he begged daddy to use his drill for some eyes and a mouth, all while making sure I plugged his ears because he's not one for the loud sounds.

The only thing that was missing was some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, which I'm currently out of sugar in the house so it's kept me from baking every night. A trip to the grocery store is much needed!

Did you know Halloween is like, a week away? How did that happen? We still have so much to do! Thank goodness the weekend is almost here.

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