17 weeks + coastal cravings


17 weeks, I kiss your face!

When I was pregnant with my J man, I woke up on the day I hit 12 weeks to a beautiful thing: no more nausea and my energy back. I literally woke up and felt one hundred times better. It was amazingly wonderful.

And after wondering if it would ever end, I'm here to report that 17 weeks seems to be my magic number this go around.

Another thing I am discovering about this babe is that he or she (we think it's a she?) is high class. All little one wants me to eat is avocados, romaine leaf salads with peas and beets and baby corn, peaches smothered in cottage cheese, gourmet vinaigrette's on everything, and SEAFOOD. GAH don't even get me started on the seafood! Lobster and crab and fish and shrimp! It's all I want these days. Just this week I bought three and a half pounds of tilapia to keep on hand. Do you know how much three and a half pounds of tilapia is?! A lot of tilapia, that's how much.

And this after I just stood at the deli counter for twenty minutes drooling over the lobster tails and crab legs and trying to convince myself not to buy them all. Basically my life is revolving around these foods that I want so badly, and our bank account is taking the brunt of it. Shhhh, I don't want to know how much I'm spending on my cravings! Just pass the lobster already!

Now that my energy is back and I was able to get out of bed early this morning, I started my day with prenatal yoga. Can I tell you a secret? Prenatal yoga is even better than regular yoga. I feel like a million bucks.

I've made it a goal to enjoy this pregnancy while also enjoying the time we have left with just us and Jace, so I'm not counting the days in anticipation until this baby comes. But rather, I'm enjoying the days, because baby's arrival will come soon enough and once it does our lives will be changed forever. There's just no rush for these things. That's something life has taught me these past few years: don't be rushed! And so I'm not. I feel content and at peace with the present and it's magical.

Speaking of the present, this week brought some sunshine and warmth and holy moly! If it's not been exactly what I needed. It makes me forget that it's still January and Spring won't actually be here tomorrow.

Even so, we are preparing for spring so that we are nice and ready when it gets here. The hubs and I drove down south yesterday and spent our entire drive discussing spring. What we will plant in our garden this year. Less tomatoes, add some onions, spread the corn rows farther apart. And what bushes we want to line our home. Will we get enough sun for some dwarf burning bushes that turn a radiant fire red in the summertime? Or what about a lilac hedge, those smell delightful! And should we put rock or grass around the fire pit this year for our evening hot dog roasts? Just talking about our spring plans made my mouth water. And anyway, I suppose this owning a home business can actually be pretty fun. It's a lot of work and a lot of money and a lot of time and a lot of energy... but this home of ours has been something amazing. And making it our home together has the been something straight out of my dreams.

But now, I've strayed off topic a little.

The topic: 17 weeks. I KISS YOUR FACE.

I'm off to have some more fun with my newly returned energy. I think I'll get some books from the library and cook some goodies in preparation for the bachelor tonight. And listen, if anyone has a particularly amazing tilapia recipe please do tell. You know, as we will be eating tilapia for weeks.

Happy Monday!



  1. haha, so cute that baby has "high class" food cravings :). What kind of prenatal yoga do you do? Do you have a favorite DVD to recommend??

  2. I have Element Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga on DVD. I love it do much that I used it still long after I had my J man! It's great. I got mine at best buy years ago, you can find it online. :)