for no reason except that it's wednesday

>> Early this morning I woke up to an owl hooting outside.

I pictured him to be a beautiful white snow owl perched on our rooftop just above my window. As I lay in bed under my warm covers listening to his call and failing to go back to sleep, I decided to myself that the soft hoos of an owl are much sweeter than the bold beeping of an alarm clock. So I thanked him for the wake up call, pulled on my sweater-boots and made my way downstairs in the dark.

The rest of my morning consisted of prenatal yoga, good morning america, toast and vitamins, prepping healthy snacks to take to work, playing monster trucks with a sweet two year old, and a strawberry-banana smoothie to go.

It was a serene morning waking up to that owl, but now that it's lunch time I can't keep my eyes open. It's a cup-of-coffee-with-lunch kind of day I suppose.

>> It has been raining here. The kind of rain that melts the snow away and makes it smell like spring. The rain is so refreshing, don't you agree? This week has been filled with birds chirping, which is my very favorite sound as winter winds down. I'm way too ahead of myself, I know, but the thought of spring makes me oh-so-giddy.

>> Lately I've been having some major anxiety, which is so unlike me. At any given moment I worry that I'm dying. My heart beats strong and fast while I'm cooking this baby, and I find myself waiting for it to just stop. During this pregnancy I have stumbled across multiple articles about pregnant woman who have dropped dead. I swear to you I haven't googled a thing, they just show up on the news and in my social media feeds and I can't get away from them! One woman had bleeding in her brain, while another one had a blood clot in her lungs, while yet another one died after her c section due to internal complications... they keep on coming and I find myself genuinely freaking out inside. I'm not sure what to do about it, besides just hoping that I don't die, you know.

>> Last week we found a magic bullet blender in our pantry and I can't for the life of me remember when we got it, but I'm so happy to have found it! I have been making some deliciously healthy smoothies. And I spend my days lately snacking on salads, vegetables, fruits, and more vegetables. I would be proud of myself for all of this if night didn't roll around to me stuffing my face with pizza and spooning cream cheese frosting right out of the can.

>> Tonight we are meeting with our accountant to do our taxes. Insert frowny face here. The hubs and I pay a very pretty penny every single month towards taxes, so I'm always baffled at how little we get back. I hear people to my left and right shouting for joy, paying for vacations and whatnots with their huge tax returns, and I always wonder what we do so wrong to get so ripped off every year. I think it's because we are honest, hard working, never cheat the system tax paying citizens, which I have found are the most punished of all. But I digress because, don't even get me started please.

>> If that's not enough random for you... V-DAY is coming up and I used to hate this day but I kind of love it more and more. Not because I'm all into romantic and mushy but because dreary winters need holidays that have lots of sugar and hearts and pink. It's kind of perfect timing. I'll let you in on our valentines plans, and oh are they good! but I'll wait until friday because my stomach is rumbling and my eyes are drooping. Which means it's lunch time.


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