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^^ It's that time of year when easter brings us the best candy in all of the land. That time of year when I stuff my face with Cadbury eggs. And listen, I know that the majority prefers those mini Cadbury's, but as for me I'm authentic. I like the classic, large chocolate eggs filled with creamy goodness. Every year my easter bunny comes around to hide Cadbury's all over the place. They just randomly pop up hidden in the fruit bowl under the bananas and in the door of the car when I get in to drive to work. I love that easter bunny, I just want to kiss his face all day long! In between eating Cadbury eggs, of course.

Now brace yourself for some extreme randomness, which as you know is my specialty.

Earlier this week I told the hubs, hey listen I haven't watched a really good chick flick in a really long time. I just need to watch something with the perfect mix of romance, not too cheesy but not too realistic, that makes me cry and makes me laugh and leaves me with a really happy feeling about life when the movie ends. That's not too much to ask, is it? So the hubs complied because he realized it really had been a long time since I have made him sit by my side and watch something like that. We ended up letting the nearest redbox choose our fate and left with a movie I had never heard any reviews on, About Time. And as fate would have it, it was the perfect choice. I laughed and I cried and even Dan agreed that it wasn't too mushy. If you haven't seen it, go see it and thank me later.

In more exciting news, mister J is getting very anxious for his upcoming birthday. Each day he changes what he wants for his big day. One day it's a "wed fow-wheelah", then a "wed monster twuck", and then a "wed mowtow-cycle". It took some time for him to be able to show us just the three fingers when we ask him how old he will be, because by golly it's tough to put up finger number three without that darn pinky finger trying to follow! But he's mastered it now in his perfect silly way, where he likes to show us four fingers with a smirk on his face while laughing and saying "noooo, not dat one!". He also has reminded me on multiple occasions that he doesn't want help blowing out the candles on his cake. Which is ironic, because he's always right there to help blow out candles on anyone else's birthday cake.

At this age I wish I could just get everything on video. It's the only thing that makes me want those dorky google glasses that are all the controversy right now. Like this morning, for example, when Jace took a sip of my avocado smoothie. Classic sour face, trying to keep his composure while whispering "dank you mom" and handing it right back to me ever so politely.

And now, hasn't this march been fun? In our neck of the woods it's so springy that I'm starting to wonder if the groundhog really saw his shadow or if the weatherman just made it all up. As it is warming up I'm getting real itchy to go running or rock climbing or something equally adventurous that I just can't do while I'm growing this baby. It's making me all sorts of anxious but in only the good ways, because June is so close that I can taste it. I can't wait to meet these sweet buns and cheeks and I also can't wait to be able to do not-pregnant things like running and rock climbing and sleeping on my stomach again.

AND while I'm over here feeling all anxious and excited, I'm also having the occasional panic attack and wondering what in heavens name I was thinking when I decided to get pregnant because how in the world am I going to be able to have TWO kids and someone help me please?!?!

But I figure there is no going back now. I also figure everything is going to be just. fine.

And on another note, I'm craving a really great burger. Which is odd because I don't even love burgers. But it's not really all that odd because the last six and a half months have given me a lot of cravings and I'm pretty used to it by now. It's sad though, because we don't have great burgers in this town. I'm thinking a trip down south is in order, maybe the cheesecake factory? but let's be honest, I'd settle for in-n-out.

And this post wouldn't be a post if I didn't add something about food. Hashtag sorrynotsorry and pregnancyproblems.

Happy Friday friends!


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