Let's get real.

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Do you remember just the other day when I said, and I quote, "I'm not miserable". Yes, you remember?


I said the words but I forgot to knock on wood and I'll be darned if mother nature didn't decide to show me who is boss. I know you're boss lady, I know! I'm sorry I keep putting my foot in my mouth and saying things that make you feel the need to prove yourself to me!

Starting that very night I have been, well let's just say...miserable. My body was not made to carry around this much weight! It's so mad at me right now! My hips and my tailbone and my squished lungs and my squished organs and my poor, poor feet. These feet of mine are champs you guys. Just champs. They've never in their life had to carry this much weight you know, and I'm still not giving them much of a break! I take them walking for exercise as often as possible. I'm working four days a week on them. I mean, they must really hate me but they're really hanging in there and I love my feet for trying so hard.

With Jace, I had such an amazingly easy pregnancy that I never realized how much I was taking for granted. This one is a doozy and, if I'm being honest I probably have no one to blame but myself. With Jace I worked out hardcore, with this one I go on walks and do prenatal yoga sporadically at best. With Jace I gained 30 pounds, with this one I'm already well on my way to 40! With Jace I was consistently doing hypno sessions to relieve pain and keep me at peace, with this one I have done... one hypno session. ONE.

Ay ay ay.

The only really fun thing I've got going on right now is B's sweet little heel. Yes you heard me, his heel! He digs his little heel out all day long and it doesn't hurt, although it makes me feel a little like predator vs alien. I watch that heel constantly and it reminds me that there is this little BABY in there and it's all going to be worth it. He will be worth it, I have no doubt.

But that doesn't change the fact that the next two months might be pretty gosh-dang-MISERABLE for me. And I'm getting real anxious to meet him.

Heaven help me and my poor little overworked, amazing body that's miraculously baking a baby. Heaven. Help. Me.

But it's Friday so... that's good? Question mark?

Happy Weekend friends!


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