our easter weekend

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^^ proof that it takes a few pictures before you can get a decent one...

Easter was loads of fun this year, and I'm giving all of the credit to Jace. Having a three year old is kind of the greatest you guys. In fact, since Halloween last year, every single holiday has proven to be the best one yet. This kid gets so overly excited about everything and I feel like, well isn't that how it should be?

Speaking of funny, do you know what is hilarious? Those easter egg hunts that are put on by local cities and businesses. I've never been to one with a kid of my own until this year, and oh boy did I not know what I was missing out on!

First we are rushing to get there on time, because word on the streets is that you can't be a minute late. As we are running, my mom is holding Jace while I'm putting on his shoes in motion. We are calling out to random strangers, where do the three year olds go?! Finally we find the section of grass with a picket sign that reads in bold letters, 3 - 4 year olds. Pheww, we made it! We wiggle our way into the crowd, standing shoulder to shoulder with the other families, all of us held back only by a thin strip of yellow tape. Just beyond the yellow tape the children are taunted by a field full of brightly colored plastic eggs.

Pwwease mom! Pwwweeeaaassee! Jace is saying to me, squeezing his easter basket and staring at a red egg that was just out of arms reach.

Hold on baby, we have to wait until they say go! I tell him, watching the tiny blonde girl in front of us and wondering how we can make it past her so that Jace can have that red egg he wants so badly.

Suddenly, without any warning, a soft alarm starts beeping through the speakers and just like that I see all of the children break through the tape and rush onto the field as if it were the hunger games.

Quick, go! I shout, grabbing Jace's hand and leading him onto the field. We were both a little in shock and had it been the hunger games, we wouldn't be alive right now. The other kids knew the strategy of running to the middle of the field first to start swiping eggs by the handful, while us amatures went for what laid directly in front of us.

The red egg! Pick it up! I pointed and watched Jace grab the egg and put it in his basket. I pointed to another egg next to it. Okay, now this one! He picked it up, while I pointed to another. And this one! And...

That was it. As I looked around the field I realized that in under ten seconds, every single egg was gone. Some children were scattered along the sidelines crying their eyes out, while other children marched proudly past us carrying their baskets overflowing with candy filled eggs. I looked down at my son's basket and his three eggs.

Yay Jace, look at that! You got three eggs! I proudly told him while clapping my hands together. He smiled from ear to ear while looking in his basket.

Yeah! I got thwee eggs! I got the wed one! He proclaimed.

It was all so grand and so hilarious and I can't wait to go again next year. This time, we'll know better.

Afterwards we had another easter egg hunt at grandma's house, where Jace had no competition and a set thirty eggs that waited for him. Each time he found an egg he would call out, oh there ya' are!! Following our egg hunts and candy overloads, we headed off to a very crowded hogle zoo to see monkeys and polar bears and elephants.

Easter Sunday was spent at grandma c's house with cousins and beautiful weather to boot. Another candy hunt, another sugar overload, and an evening playing at the park. Jace slept past nine this morning and can you blame him? He was all worn out from the excitement and the sugar of the weekend.

Anyway, that was our Easter and I hope you all had a grand Easter weekend yourselves. Listen, if you aren't sure that you want kids, might I suggest having them for the holidays alone? It really makes for a good time, I tell you what.


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