iphone photo dump


// alternate title for this post: way too many pictures of a sleeping baby.

speaking of sleep. last night the hubs let me sleep from 9:00 until 3:00 this morning. six glorious hours straight. today i feel like a million bucks!

why would he do that, you ask? let's just say that yesterday i was living off two hours of sleep and i wasn't my best self. i think he was scared of me. i think that everyone was scared of me. even the mailman and the girl who bagged my groceries are happy that i finally got some sleep. but especially the hubs.

today jace has said "okee dokee!" five times so far, and where did he learn that from?! it's pretty cute.

after i had beck i had intentions of not drinking soda or eating sugar to lose this pooch more quickly, but you try not drinking soda or eating sugar when you are living on as little of sleep as the mother of a newborn baby. and also, who am i kidding? on sunday my niece oh so graciously reminded me that "it sorta wooks wike you have anudder baby in dare!" while patting my pillsbury dough boy belly. i smiled and didn't smack her, but ate a chocolate cookie instead. and then i went to a toning class at the gym. boy did that feel good! the cookie AND the toning class, to be clear.

and anyway, i'm still sorta proud of my little pooch of a belly because it's my last bit of proof that only a short time ago i did this amazing thing and grew this amazing baby inside of me. this body is my own now, and while i immensely enjoy NOT being pregnant, i also miss it. isn't that ridiculous?

so i'm going back to that toning class tonight but i'm forgoing the crunches. because, OW.

and can you believe it's the fourth of july already?! if we had a nickel for every time that has been said this week, we'd all be ga-zillionares. but seriously, this is my all time favorite holiday. and if we had a nickel for every time THAT has been said this week, we'd be TRIPLE ga-zillionares. i'm just bringing up all of the cliches because they are true.

i'm excited for fireworks and campfires and bbq's and pool time and sunburns and necklace glowsticks and more fireworks and having daddy all to ourselves for four days straight. all of it! come here, let me kiss your face!

i hope you all have an amazing fourth. and remember, smokey the bear says: only YOU can prevent wildfires! get the illegal fireworks, sure, but be really careful and don't get caught.

(he says that, right?)

happy long weekend friends.


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