five things


^^ my new asics running shoes. i just broke them in this week. i love me some asics!

^^ we all know that i swear by loreal's magic bb cream, but to add to my testimony of this rad stuff: they just came out with anti-redness. if you've got 99 problems but red-splotchy skin tone ain't one, well consider yourself lucky. as for me...this stuff is my miracle worker. i believe in bb cream, amen.

^^ lovely indoor plants. (the top is our fig tree, and the plants in our entryway are birds of paradise.) my newest favorite that i've been obsessing about adding to the mix: fiddle leaf figs

disclaimer: if the hubs didn't take care of these plants, they'd all be dead. i take no credit for keeping them alive. i'm just here enjoying the beauty of them as decor in my home.

^^ piyo. holy smokes, it's my new obsession. think: yoga on steroids. i work out often and never have my abs been as sore as when i did piyo this week! that's a good thing, by the by.

^^ these comfy leggings. the truth is, i'm not a leggings in public kind of person. i mean don't get me wrong, i don't have anything against anyone else wearing them! it's just not for me. i'm a blue jeans kind of girl. BUT i'm all about leggings at home and while doing yoga, you betchyourbutt. these things are cheap and cute and comfy.


this week was kind of long. first week back to work and all, you know. not too mention the fact that all week my uterus has been trying it's very hardest to KILL ME. first lady time-of-the-month in over a year, you know. i suppose she's upset at me for not getting pregnant again. like that's HER JOB or something. anyway, she's not being very nice.

but like i said, it's friday! i don't work on fridays, so it's always the three day weekend life for me. ain't nothin can get me down! don't quote me on that, though. i'm sure there's something out there that could prove me wrong. hold on, let me knock on some wood.

and let it be known: i'm in love with these summer rain storms that we are having in my neck of the woods! there's nothing quite so heavenly as sitting on the front porch with my loves and watching the lightning to the music of thunder as the rain comes pouring down. nothing quite so lovely as staying bundled in blankets all day long with a cup of tea while it's overcast and cool outside. i love summer storms.

happy weekend to you and yours!


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  1. Love those cute leggings! I'm with ya on the rainstorms.... I have banana bread in the oven as we speak!