Halloween blast from the past

It's Hallows eve! Can you believe that crap? I'm almost positive that it was October first yesterday. But as it goes, this month flew right by. Impeccably so, might I add. Touche October. Touche.

As far as I'm concerned Halloween is one of the many reasons to have children. I distinctly remember last Halloween being the best one yet. Jace was really into the spirit last year, running from door to door in excited anticipation. His short little legs shuffled to carry him as quickly as they could down the sidewalk. He would knock softly on the door, which would open with a stranger standing there, towering over him, and he would timidly look down at his feet while whispering "twick ow tweet..." They would smile and tell us what a cute spiderman our little girl was (the long haired boy stigma, you know), he would grab a treat and I could barely remind him to say "thank you" before he was off and running to the next home to do it all again. I could hardly keep up with him and I laughed so hard all night that my side hurt.

I have high hopes for this year to top last year. In fact, I have high hopes of every year getting better and better, until that fateful year when he decides he's too old to have mom and dad accompany him. In which, well at least I'll have Beck, so even then...

And now I present, Halloweens past!

^^ Age 7 months, our chunky monkey! I am so looking forward to putting Beckers in that chunky monkey suit tomorrow...

^^ Age one: the fireman. It's very ironic because then, he didn't have any clue what he'd want to dress up as. In fact, he didn't understand the concept of dressing up at all. But here we are two Halloweens later and his number one choice was just this, a fireman! So this is a cute little ironic blast from the past...
^^ Age two: spiderman. He wasn't sure why we were forcing him to wear a costume, but once he figured out the concept of getting candy at each door step it was like this lightbulb moment. This was the age of talking about Halloween for months afterwards. I still remember pulling out the Christmas decorations in December that year and having him walk around with a snowman bucket asking for candy canes by saying, "twick ow tweeeet!"

Also, fun fact: I was prego with Beck here but no one knew it yet!

And hey, just for the fun of it, here's a couple more pictures from October of last year:

^^ for the record, those are still my favorite pants. (I'm sure you noticed I wear them everyday. I've got to get rid of those...)

^^ one year later, his hair is much shorter and mine is much longer. Go figure.

^^ Another fun fact: one year later and he still wears those jeans. Short legs, long torso. Grows outta shirts on the daily but still fits in 2T jeans!

^^ Would you just look at that? When I saw this picture and realized it was exactly one year ago, it knocked the wind right out of me. Just look at that fabulous unruly mop of hair matted to his forehead with sweet baby sweat! Those delicious cheeks in where years of baby fat was still stored! Can I please go back in time for thirty seconds and just kiss those sweet pudgy cheeks again? It's bananas how fast they grow.

So now my tall and handsome and way too grown up three year old will be his biggest obsession these days: a fireman. He wore his fireman costume out of halloween city and he's worn it everyday since. "I da fireman mom! You got da fires??" to which I reply, "Yes, there's a fire over there!" So he runs to the corner, "Okay, I get it! Psshhhhhhh!" while pretending to spray it out with his imaginary hose. Just yesterday he was pretending I was his partner, "da police man", and he kept getting me "coffees and donuts". Where does he come up with this stuff?!

He also loves to say the word "SCCAARRRRYYYY", only you should hear him say it. He says it like you're supposed to say it, with some wonderfully exaggerated vibrato. OOOHHH SCCARRRRYYY! It's delightful. He also loves Halloween movies like Nightmare Before Christmas and Spookly the Square Pumpkin, but it's all very ironic because every night for the past two weeks he has fallen asleep to "Elf". So...I'm not sure. If he's turning into a celebrate Christmas before thanksgiving kind of kid, he does not get that from me.

But also, I love that he loves Will Ferrell movies.

So this year we have TWO little ghouls, can you believe that? Which let's be honest about what this means. One, we have the perfection of not one but TWO little boys in costumes. Right now it's all cuteness in a monkey costume, and then in the future it will be all matching ninja turtles and police men and whatever it is that they love. I mean really, it's ridiculous how perfect it will be. And two, (this year anyway) it's double the candy for mom and dad! Since everyone gives candy for the cute lil babers when we all know they aren't the ones who eat it.

Halloween candy distribution between the hubs and I has always been pretty perfect. We're like those couples in the movies, the ones who order a salad and he eats her beets while she eats his croutons. The hubs eats all of the chewy and I eat all of the chocolate. He loves sour and I love sweet. We complete each other.

I do love Halloween. Not as much as Thanksgiving or Christmas or the Fourth of July or Birthdays, but I guess what I'm saying is that it's not half bad. It's the season of it, though, because it's hard to hate something that takes place in the most beautiful month of the year as far as the weather is concerned. Although it is daylight savings time this weekend and, well please let's not talk about that. Because that means winter is all but on our doorstep and the thought of the innumerable hours of darkness that will now occur are unbearable. (I'm very Anne Shirley dramatic when it comes to winter.)

Happy Halloween my dears. I hope it's perfect with just the right amount of spooky and bags filled with candy to last until Christmas!


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