THE WEEKEND! + a friday round up!


TGIF! ^^Beck's breakfast this morning, beets and pomegranate.
The weekends are grand in the same way you feel when you’re flying a kite on the windiest of days. A giant, bold, bright red kite that compliments the baby blue sky behind its wings, soaring through the breeze that creates ripples down its spine, letting the wind be its grace. On the weekends, the wind of the week suddenly stops being a hindrance that I’m pushing against while instead it becomes the support, the entire reason that the kite can fly so high and so beautifully, if only for those glorious three days of the weekend.
The weatherman predicted snow and cold temperatures to come, which is very natural for this time of year and all, and I swear to you I will not complain! The hubs and I are considering taking mister J snowboarding soon before the ski season is over. That might happen this weekend, dependant on certain factors. Other than that we have absolutely no plans as of yet and somehow, even without plans, the anticipation of the weekend is still boldy beautiful! 
Last night I met up with my favorite girls for some sushi at a local sushi house, while the men and the kids got together for a night of bacon-wrapped pizza (I know, I thought the same thing) popcorn and big hero 6.
Have I told you about my little man’s first crush? This is relevant, stay with me. Mister J loves his Madmo. Madison, that’s her name. Madison is my college roomies daughter. She is this fine, tall little thing, flowing dark hair and pretty brown eyes, and she’s two years older than J himself. J is slightly obsessed with Madmo. He is always at her beckon call, talking to her sweetly and laughing at all of her jokes. Where the other kids will frustrate him, in the same situation that he would yell at one, with Madmo he will talk very sweetly. Never would he raise his voice to her! Recently she had a birthday party, and I swear to you this boy was more excited for her birthday then he was for Christmas. He’s got it bad.
So back to the relevance of that tangent which is:  when we get together with our besties, the kids run around like a flock of chickens and have the best time together. It warms my mama hen heart watching my babe play with his favorite friends and develop his first crush, following her around like her shadow. I highly recommend it to you, for the sake of your sanity and your children's happiness, to find friends for life that all have the same ages of children to play with!
So, but, sushi. I haven't had much more than a california roll with an occasion deli store questionable sushi roll here and there, when they are handing out samples while I'm grocery shopping. So last night I took all of the advice and really stocked up. As per usual, my stomach was much smaller than my eyes but now I have lunch today so I'm taking this as a win! I think, had you seen the amount of sushi we ordered for four girls, you would have laughed. Oh, would you like to see it?

The nice couple sitting next to us said they were going to stay and watch to see us eat all of that sushi. (they didn't make it.) I imagine when we get together in public like that, that we are probably slightly annoying most other people around us and not even realizing it. Selfies and loud laughing and a little bit of dirty talk that should be whispered but never is, you know, that kind of thing. We also stopped for shopping after sushi, where I bought sweat pants and sandals so, I suppose that marks my age? And then we stopped by the grocery store on the way home where I flipped off a group of college boys because of some "oh. my. god. look at her butt!" remarks and, really, where is your mother and why didn't she teach you how to speak to a lady?!

I love my girls, you know. We have too much fun and they keep me young!
And now it's Friday. It's a tad dreary outside, large gray clouds covering the sun and light wisps of tiny snowflakes making occasional appearances on my patio, the imminent threat of a snowstorm fresh on the horizon. Sushi and sweet tea in the fridge, wearing the comfiest of sweat pants, goo goo dolls playing on the speakers, and CURRENTLY both of my boys are asleep so, it's a good start to the weekend.
Fridays are for relaxing and recouping, cleaning and getting things done. Saturdays are for yoga, more recouping, and waiting for the hubs to get off work so that we can really start the best of the weekend. Sunday! Sundays are my favorite day of the week, did you know that? Sundays are a beautiful slice of banana cream pie with extra whip cream, or sometimes it’s coconut cream, and sometimes it’s double fudge peanut butter cup, but never is it any sort of bland fruit pie with a crispy crust because what’s the point in eating fruit pie with a crispy crust? Even with a big scoop of ice cream next to it, I’ve never caught on to the appeal of triple berry or apple pie. On occasion I might find it in me to be satisfied with cherry. But if I want pie, give me cream or chocolate! Make sure the crust is borderline doughy, but never crusty! Not ever! I try to savor my Sunday pie but inevitably I eat it much too fast. Sometimes I eat my Sunday pie so quickly that I end up with a stomachache after it’s over. (you do know I’m not really eating pie every Sunday, right? I’m concerned that I made this analogy much too real.)
We do nothing if not to take our weekends very seriously around my house.
Also, while I'm here and before I go, I need to tell you something that I've been meaning to tell you. Did you know that I get eyelash extensions? I think I have failed to mention that and sadly so, because it’s a very important if not vital part of my life now. If you get your eyelashes done you have a 99.9% chance that you will never go back, and part of me wishes I had known this statistic going into the new world of lash extensions because, oh who am I kidding that wouldn’t have changed a thing! I fell in love. Hard. With fake lashes. Much to the dismay of my monthly expenses but also, I don’t use mascara anymore so  there’s that? I’m nothing if not efficient in my rationalization of the unnecessary into necessary. And I thought this vital to share because, hello. Life changer. (also I have big plans of a beauty routine coming up soon, as mine has changed slightly significantly since my last beauty post!)(I love the blogger life where I get to share such silly things.)(I hope you love it too.)
And now for a quick Friday round up to officially send us into the weekend:

>> THIS. Thanks reality steve! I love that girl. I'd like to BE HER.

>> THIS made me laugh out loud. It's so true that it's sad. Do you have a fitbit?

>> THIS. Working on #5 over here...

>> THESE are killing me with cuteness. We recently purchased some shaun white flip flops for Jace that have french bulldogs, which led me to this site... Rockie flops, we'll call them!

>> THIS made me very happy at the oscars.

>> THIS. Kristina Bazan kills it everytime.

>> THIS! Picklepottery! So fabulous.

>> THIS recipe.

>> THIS, another from the oscars. Margot Robbie is such a babe. If you see Focus this weekend, will you tell me what you think?! It looks grand.

>> THIS article. Listen, I love sleep as much as the next but, you've got to look into this. 

And at 9:40, my oldest has just woken up so FRIDAY ROUND UP, OVER AND OUT! Happy weekend friends!


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