our week in pictures

It's the first day of Spring! If that isn't the best news I've heard all week. This week was full of massive project deadlines at work and now I have a four day weekend that I'm praising to high heaven. I love my job, have I told you that? I do, very much so. I manage a busy doctors office and I love it. I'm proud of it. I enjoy it. While also, what is loving your job if not that you are always so in dire need of a weekend? It's a good sign that you work hard, I suppose.

Monday is my first born's birthday and as you can only imagine, I've many thoughts and words on the matter. Many, many thoughts. I'm going to come back here and write them all down, a whole post adoring the birthday boy, but that doesn't surprise you does it now? However, today is not that day. Today is busy in all of the right ways and so today is for less words and more pictures.

I hope that's okay.

Here is our week in pictures, and listen, have a great weekend willya?!?

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