lately in pictures + a saturday night story

on saturday night i ate an entire box of king size junior mints.

it was entirely by accident, but isn't it always? after spending a lovely rainy evening up blacksmith fork canyon, and then after the boys took their bath, beck went to bed and i popped in an old school transformers show in the playroom for jace. i set up downstairs in preparation for dan and i to watch our own movie: popcorn, chips and guac, red vines, reese's pieces and junior mints. we take our movie watching very seriously. and anyway, we started the movie and the next thing i knew the movie was over and there was an empty box of king size junior mints on my lap. i felt like julia gulia in never been kissed, OH MY GOD someone ate my entire pie!

but so, phewwww. i'm glad i got that off my chest. hashtag confessions.

another funny story about saturday night: on the way out of the canyon dan remembered that he hadn't eaten dinner, so we stopped by mcd's and grabbed him a sausage mcmuffin with a side of french fries. ten miles or so up the canyon there is an old school playground by the river that we stopped at to let the boys get out their wiggles, on which is an old school metal merry-go-round that brings back all of the sentiments from my childhood. jace ran straight for that merry-go-round where he and dad had a grand old time seeing just how fast they could get it to spin, as children (and dads who never really grow up) do.

of course, dads who never really grow up forget a few things about aging and that a fast merry-go-round immediatly following a sausage mcmuffin with a side of french fries is probably not the best idea.

so we had a sick dad and an entire box of junior mints eaten and that, my friends, was a good saturday night.

but now the weekend is over, cue the violins! back to the work and grind! only not quite yet because in the grand scheme of things, mondays is still our weekend at the croft house. happy monday ya'all! and here is our life lately in pictures, enjoy!


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