long weekends are my jam!

It's Monday! My Monday thus far has been like a nice sharp slap in the face. You know, just a real good connection with a flat palm slicing through the air at high speeds RIGHT IN THE KISSER. I showed up to work this morning with my scrub top on inside out for heavens sake, and I didn't even notice until someone pointed it out to me, so. That's the kind of Monday I'm having so far.

But Thanksgiving weekend! Our Thanksgiving was lovely. It couldn't have gone more impeccably! Not one major melt down from either of my angel children. Not one! (Beck started losing his cool at the end of the night because he hadn't slept much that day, but it was minutes before I plopped him down for bed so I'm not even counting that.) The food was glorious! We didn't go around the table to say our thankfuls until after we ate and our hunger was overly satisfied! There was no drama and no stern lectures and no eye rolling! I had four slices of pie! And to top it all off, after the kids went to bed we got to sneak out for a quick date to see the hunger games! And all of these exclamation marks are really proving my point, I'm just sure of it!

And then came the dreaded black friday. Dan worked, so it was just the boys and I. I'm sure you heard but REI opted out of black friday, they closed their doors and encouraged everyone to spend their time with family in the great outdoors. Praise you REI! I was so excited about it, all of the feel goods, you know. So but, THE WEATHER HERE. At ten o'clock in the morning it was a mere 25 degrees, which would have actually been glorious but for the 9 degree wind chills. I chose to try and make our day outside anyway and it was INSANE IN THE BRAIN. The wind blew our faces off and I couldn't stop laughing. Memories! And only slightly less crazy than black friday shopping, you know. ;)

The rest of the weekend was lovely. We set up the Christmas tree which Jace and Beck decorated almost entirely by themselves (I had to reach the highest parts, you know) and the snow just kept on coming all weekend long.

Then Jace was lucky enough to get invited to a sleepover date at Grandma's house, so Sunday morning we packed up the kelty kids and set out to explore and practice for snowshoe season, which is almost upon us! We had a lovely hike and scored another nap time in the kelty. It was the perfect morning.


And now it's Monday, wait did I mention that already? I'm just sure that I did. I just polished off my chinese leftovers for lunch and soon we will be headed out for some shopping, so Monday might be looking up, who knows!

I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend. Get out there and get you some!


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