Christmas Wishlist - FOR HIM


men are the hardest to shop for, so here is me stretching my imagination thin for you! these are just a few little ideas, you know, in case you need them. christmas is practically in two weeks GO AHEAD AND START FREAKING OUT NOW.

ONE // this black lacquer card set box that includes two decks of fancy playing cards.

TWO // personally, jewelry on men isn't always the sexiest BUT a few years ago I bought Dan a fancy dog tag type necklace and you guys. that is SEXY. this black plated engravable diamond dog tag necklace is on sale at overstock. also, this nixon watch is simple and snazzy. and a fitbit flex is always a good choice!

THREE // a mini arcade machine? question mark? i don't know, seems cool?

FOUR // toiletries! we have this molton brown men's thickening shampoo, this beard oil, this all purpose dirt (this is real! i'm intrigued!), and this cologne which is hands down my very favorite smell on a man.

FIVE // stocking stuffer alert! we have spicy honey, because the men they like their food spicy! and this tube-wringer, which I know, seems sooooo ridiculous. but just picture it all ready to go on a fresh tube of toothpaste, packed down in his stocking. cute right??

SIX // my dan loves himself some cool coffee table books. this architecture of cabins book looks rad, and then there is this paul arden book from urban outfitters (which if you browse around, they have a lot of fun ones)

SEVEN // okay, if you have a lot of money to drop, these master & dynamic headphones are sahhh-weet.

EIGHT // now the thing is, i don't know what it is this guy you are shopping for likes to do, so this is just a general idea, but for instance: say he likes golf. pair these golf shoes with tickets to the range. he likes to ski/snowboard? pair this burton mountain pullover with tickets to the slopes! he likes baseball? pair these gloves with tickets to the batting cages! (are you catching my drift here? the options are pretty endless.)

NINE // and lastly, we have some nice, sexy, waterproof boots for his basic camping and hiking needs. there are these gentlemen's boots or, my personal favorite, timberland classics!

and i have ONE MORE wishlist post to come, the one for the kiddos, of course, and that will be here later this week because let me repeat: PRACTICALLY TWO WEEKS UNTIL CHRISTMAS. i can not handle the suspense!

happy monday friends!


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