VLOG - the week before Christmas!


I had high hopes of a lovely snowy hike today with the boys, but by the end of Beck's nap time mother nature had other plans for us. Buckets of rain! Bitter cold winds! Good luck getting your just-recovering-from-being-sick kids out in this weather! Suckahhh!

Anyway, I am suuhhhhheeerreeeuuuhhhsssllyyy jonesing for some good quality time with the fresh air and a pair of snowshoes. According to the app on my iphone right now Christmas weekend is supposed to be fabulous in the weather department and so I suppose I'll look forward to that. Sometimes in winter that's all you can do, just roll with the punches, you know? You know.

How's your Christmas shopping coming along? Ours is finally done! We finished it over the weekend and how about those crowds hmmm? It is insane out there. Trying to be patient and kind in crowded stores is the ultimate endurance, and this time of year I think it is quite possibly God's way of playing a joke on us. I think He's up there laughing like HA! Look at you, celebrating the birth of Christ by shoving each other in the isles and swearing at each other in the parking lots! You guys are A HOOT!

We are currently avoiding the grocery store like the plague. I hope we don't run out of milk before Christmas.

So. If you're like us and you don't get ESPN so you can't watch monday night football, and the voice finale was last week so the good shows are OVER until the bachelor starts in two weeks, and you are looking for some boring old Monday night entertainment, here is our weekly VLOG. Enjoy! And happy {almost} Tuesday! And Merry {almost} Christmas!


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